40 LCD - Samsung A40550 or A40650


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Feb 13, 2009
Planning to buy an LCD after I found that Plasma are not the best I could go for now as I wanted a Full HD.

Should I go in for Samsung A40550 or A40650. Any better performers?

50% standard viewing and 50% movies. No gaming.
Since you have already shortlisted the brand, size & series will not comment on any other LCD brand etc. Given your viewing habits with no gaming, trust the 5 series [A40550] should be good enough.

The 5 series have had good reviews so certainly a good choice. Between the 2, if VFM is important, then 5 series would be the way to go. Otherwise, if there is budget for 6 series and you feel strongly, it is definitely an upgrade.
I have series 5, 40 lcd
Its very good TV with good resolution & nice features
& i think tech spec r almost same for series 5 & series 6 ,but cost diff is too big
Serirs 5 should be good enough for normal view & movies esp if u connect it with an upscaling DVD player
well u can check out sony S,V series lcds have a slight edge in contrast,the series 6 aint worth the premium.but if do want to go for the series 6 ,u might as well go for the sony W series has the highest contrast for lcds priced below a 1lakh.
How about Samsung 40A610? Since 40A650 is out the choice is now between 40A550 and 40A610.

Would be great if you can put pros and cons for each and the price tags.
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