42LH70 Review on LG


Help me reviewing LG LCD 42LH70...

I got this TV over the weekend and I really liked this. I think it's a great buy. It has it's flaws and is of course not the perfect TV but it's a great catch for the price and features offered.

HD Content: Based on what I saw HD content looked best on this when compared with Sony and Samsung's in similar price zones (It might not be right comparison) Ideally you should compare 2 LCD's of same genre and features but I think one should compare what one can get for that price (just my opinion) and of all the LCD's available @ 61-65K, this TV rocks.

SD content: SD looked on this TV looked worst when compared to 42V550 or Samsung and this was where I was upset. But there's a catch - I'll get to it later.

Gaming: Gaming on this is just awesome. Hook up your playstation and truemotion and low response times go great together.

USB: Works great. You can play Divx content. However I faced some issues playing some MKV's. It previews files. Hook up your digicam and view images.

Bluetooth: I paired my iphone to play songs over bluetooth and send images over bluetooth and watch the pics on TV. If only you could view videos over bluetooth that would be great. It's a shame you can't use bluetooth with USB, maybe they can fix this in a firmware update?

Back to SD Content viewing over Tata Sky+. You can make it look really great. Default settings are Showroom mode and VIVID picture settings. Change mode to Home usage mode and turn off Vivid and choose cinema or something more appropriate. Vivid seems to turn up everything in Tv to make colours stand out in showroom environment, hence the horrifying effect. So do following to greatly improve TataSky viewing:
1. Switch to Home usage mode
2. Turn off Vivid, choose cinema
3. Change true motion to low unless watching sports channel.
4. Most importantly select noise filter to High. It improves SD picture quality greatly.

Truemotion: On High settings, it can make normal content viewing look strange sometimes so keep it low most of the times.

Clearvoice: It's default sound settings are horrible. Even after calibrating it might not sound best but would compete nicely with others.

Other flaws: Stand is wobbly and stated on other review sites but I did a wall mount although the stand itself is good looking :( On turning the TV on it starts up with a sound like windows which annoyed for some reason, so i turned that feature off. All the connectors are behind so make sure if you are wall mounting to connect your HDMI cables and USB extension cables (given alongwith TV) before mounting it.

It's a stunning looking TV one must seriously consider for the price. In the end don't go by what others say. Just see for yourself without any prejudices and play around with TV settings in showrooms because proper settings can mean a world of difference.

good luck!!