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5.1 Blue Ray Home System connection with Laptop and TV

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New Member
Mar 30, 2017
I have my Sony BDV-E4100 1000 W Home Cinema System connected to my TV via HDMI, and my TV is connected via another HDMI cable to my laptop. In other words, I am using my laptop via TV (to view movies on big screen), and have the laptop sound "travel" to my TV, and then via TV to the Sony System.

This works ok, the stereo sound is perfect, however the 5.1 sound is much worse than playing Blu Rays directly from on the Sony player, or accessing the player directly via TV (without laptop).

What I do not quite understand is that without the laptop (just TV --> Sony System), there is no loss in sound quality. And also from Laptop to Sony System (via Bluetooth), no loss in sound quality at all. Just when I combine these 3.

Why is that and how can I fix it? I do only have 1 HDMI out from my laptop which I need for the TV connection, and no way to directly connect the sony system to the laptop.

Thanks in Advance for any help.


Well-Known Member
Jul 6, 2012

The solution is simple...such systems like the BDV E4100 are called Home Theater in a Box (HTiBs) and these are very specific and limited when it comes to connectivity and performance....it is meant for those who have simple basic requirements of connectivity and performance inclusive of budget....reality is that HTiBs over a period of time get into issues for a variety of reasons and there would be challenges for repairs in terms of available spares etc.....

The best way is separates....like AVR + Speakers + Player etc....i know its an expensive affair but the AVR stands out as a media hub to connect almost every device you have and provides the single output to the TV...via HDMI....

Entry level systems of Yamaha are available from 27k onwards...perhaps you should consider if you want to achieve good connectivity and better performance.....