85 inches TV


May 7, 2010
hello, i am buying 85 inches tv. kindly help me to select
1. VU
2. MI 75" qled
3. samsung QN90A 4k.
kindly help me with your valuable suggestions.
Ok you mean between Vu85 and Mi75 and Samsung Q90A? My opinion - as some of the other fmers might disagree and I don't mind that however my logic is different from the crowd's in this subject.
1) Vu 85" tv - I had a Vu 4k 55 which is still in good shape, bought by a tenant who was so happy with the tv that he bought a second tv as second hand from me, a Sony 2016 flagship model. 85" model is a good value for money however I don't know yet about Vu's after sales service in and out of warranty. It is a huge risk but a certain attraction - 85" screen and good enough brightness. Very less is known about this TV yet.
2) Mi 75" - it is trending in this forum but a few complaints about ARC and ports handshake issues not withstanding 6 out of 10 folks would recommend this TV here.
3) Q90A 75" is another excellent tv choice and among the three as a brand and quality is the best choice. It costs 3.9 lakhs though. I am not a Samsung fan but if you limit to these three TV's Q90A is the best.
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