A 5.1 system and an additional stereo system.


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Jun 17, 2009
Hey, I posted awhile back to very helpful replies. Following some of the advice, i have decided to alter my plan.
I have 2 adjacent rooms, a 10x20 room for HT , this room shall have 5.1 system. I`m currently thinking of the B&W MT-20 system. But after reading, it is said i can do with a better sub to go with the 5 M-1 sats. Any advice ?

The second room, is a 15x20 room , which will be a sitting room with a stereo system. Im currently considering Focal JM labs Chorus 816 floorstanders with a base Denon CD player ( around 15k )

My overall budget is 2.5 lakhs. I already have an Onkyo 875. This reciever supports multi-zone. So for now, I`m planning to power both zones using it. Is this technically feasible ?
In the future, i would be looking to upgrade by adding a stereo amp to my stereo setup and adding an extra pair of speakers to my HT ( FS or sat depending on how much more oomph i want, something ill know only after lots of usage).

I would appreciate advice on my component choices, feasibility of the multi zone, or any advice in general

ps. kinda obvious, but the 5.1 is for movies n games(ps3) , and the stereo is for music ( classic rock , jazz , some classical )
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The B&W MT20 is a good speaker system on its own. Pairing it with another sub woofer can be difficult. The existing sub does go down quite low on frequency. As the MT20 is sold as a complete speaker system its speaker matching is already taken care off. Reviews might have something to say however I suggest giving it an audition & then decide whether the supplied sub needs to be replaced.

Yes; you can power both zones using your Onkyo receiver. The specs suggest it is more than capable of bring your floor standers to life. The process of linking up stuff will require a good length of wires but it will work.

Thought not a popular choice I suggest JBL L890 when you decide to do a speaker upgrade.
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