A MUSHRA test comparing vinyl to Reference, CD and MP3


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Jul 21, 2018
Imphal Manipur
This is a Monday teaser for another lively discussion. And this thread is hereby disclaimed to be an intellectual one where we discuss the merits/demerits of the topic and not about personal taste.

Many a times, FMs has advised in many threads to keep an open mind. So here is my request to all those who may feel passionate and emotive enough - please let's keep it about topic but not personal. No one will gain anything by war of words or personal insults.

Now having that made clear, let me explain this post:

I came across Dr Toole's intersting recent tweets (screenshots attested). He is a researcher as many of you are aware. He holds a scientific opinion that given the limitations of vinyl format, the SQ of it is inferior than CD/digital. But the popularity (or even the 'resurgence' ) has to do more with vinyls non-auditory features.

He explains his stand in a shared link :

Thats how Dr Toole's stand vis a vis vinyl. However this thread is not about his opinion. But rather the interesting study he referred. It's a MUSHRA study. And this study shows that vinyl is inferior in SQ(sound quality) even when compared to MP3.

Here are the screenshots of Dr Toole's tweets


I am also linking the said article

Hoping that we all read the shared article and keep this thread more in the topic and have an intelligent conversation.

A good Monday morning.

PS: At one point of time I was also Gaga over vinyl and even started a process of owning a 'high end' TT....I had even contacted a Japanese vendor for the same. But over the years, after a neutral look and research, I am at a state in which I understand the technology, bandwidth and limitations of various formats. And came to the conclusion that digital is the way forward for my audio/music journey. This is the current principle on which I procure my devices.

Repeat disclaimer: This is not an anti-vinyl thread. Nor it is a disparaging one to vinyl lovers. It's more about audio technology.
So let's try not to twist our panties over such. I felt the need for this disclaimer as there is a high risk of wilful misinterpretation of the thread.
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