A setup with dbx 231 - Rotel 971 & Bose AM5.


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Apr 8, 2009
Dear All,

I am using a dbx 231 - 31 Bank Graphic Equalizer with a Rotel 971 Amplifier and a Bose AM5 in one of my system.The CD Player is a SONY Professional CDP-L3 Model.

The AM5 sounds very flat (no high and no low) Bose trademark sound without the eq.:mad:

As soon as the equalizer is turned on and the sound is shaped the AM5 sounds like heaven with real deep and tight bass,excellent mid presence and bright high.

The main point to prove is one can truly make a very low end setup into a good one by installing an Equalizer and fine tuning your system.:yahoo:


(Pics attached of the low end system and AM5 module with a DIY metal stand.)


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I guess that's one way to look at it....

I for one prefer a system that is not equalised in any way. So, I can get to hear the artists "vision" ( for the lack of a better word!).

I mean, equalising the music is the equivalent of re-painting a real classic painting. Would you repaint the monalisa the way you want it, or would you put it up the way the painter painted it????

So, my own personal quest has been to find a 'transparent' set of equipment that helps me hear the music in close a way as the artist recorded it.

My current equipment come pretty darn close (though not quite!).

MY pre has no tone controls at all!! I am very happy with the sound too!
No but with a equalizer you dont "repaint" the sound but help a low end system sound close to a higher/ expensive one. In the process you may loose some "original sound" but thats the price you pay for using a low end product.So we spend so much buying expensive gear.:)

Its like listening to MP3s for the convienience of the file size but there is a loss in SQ.
Hi Deba
Now few years later would you still recommand this setup? i.e. AM5 & dbx 231
I have the Bose AM5 at home and I wondered if the DBX would really help me to get better sound
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