A wonderful offering to the audio enthusiasts that are fully Made in India by INDIQAUDIO


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Nov 29, 2018
A wonderful offering to the audio enthusiasts that are fully Made in India by INDIQAUDIO.

Note: I am just posting my personal feelings about the brand and speakers and not at all influenced. I am not a reviewer nor technically as sound as some of the experienced FM's. Please don't be hard on me :)

I always had an eye for a good stereo setup for a very long time and the bug bit quite hard since the COVID Situation came in where we were all asked to work from home.

Listening to music in an AV receiver was no fun and I started looking out for deals and stuff around to build a dedicated stereo set up. But, because of the lockdown, I could not audition any setup in the initial days and my only option was to read the impressions and feedback from passionate enthusiasts in HFV. This place is a heaven for all those who want to read and learn from the views of fellow FM’s and choose the best available in the market within our budget.

While I was going through the forum, this thread about Indian audio manufactures caught my eyes and the name INDIQAUDIO caught my interest. I quickly browsed on the internet, found their website, and saw what was in offer. Looking at the specs on each one of them, I felt I had to audition their Amp’s and Speakers once before I decide on what I need. Furthermore, the address listed on their website was quite close to where I live, so I called them to check if I could I audition their speakers and amps during this time and I was invited to Mr. Amit Jain’s residence.

I went there the next day around 2 PM, thinking I will be out in 30 minutes but ended up spending close to 3 hours listening to a wide range of music with a different combination of amps and speakers.

First impression: What caught my eyes when I entered his place was that there was no studio like acoustic treatments anywhere and his gears were set up in the living room like most of us do. Not all of us here have the luxury of having a dedicated home theater/music listening space. This is how exactly it looked.


Now let me try and post my opinion on the speakers and amp without dragging further.

First, I listened to Platinum Achal FS + Saptak Integrated amp + Signature Acoustics Phoenix BT Receiver.

Well, how do they sound?

Played some of my favorite tracks from Apple Music on my phone (Usually my only source) and was truly amazed by the quality of sound. It was a smooth, highly refined presentation and in a word, they sounded fantastic. The preset filters built-in to the IA like Pure Direct, LF lift, Mid lift, HF lift, and the combination works like wonders and make you just want to dig through the music collection.

Their top of the line FS (Platinum Achal), was very revealing with a lot of detail, Excellent sound stage but also being amplifier friendly. From what I have usually noticed, the bigger speakers do have more bass weight and authority but in this case, the bass produced by the 10” side-firing woofer was very well balanced and precise. The Mids and Highs were crystal clear and not ear fatiguing which makes this combo enjoy every bit of your favorite music and puts a smile on your face with every track you throw at it. The whole spectrum of the sound stage is much more even and robust when compared to other speakers in this price range as well as better than some of the sub 1.5L speakers.

Now it was time to try out the Mightier, Beefier Dual Mono Stereo Power Amplifier (Platinum Saptak) + Platinum Achal + Signature Acoustics Phoenix BT Receiver combo.

Boy o Boy, this was in a different league altogether. No bells and whistles attached, just pure clean sound. I usually listen to pure direct mode all the time and I could not ask for anything more than it delivered. The Vocals got more open, Clearer Mids and Highs, great instrument separation and makes you feel you are right there in the front row of a concert. I played different genres of music and all of it sounded much better than it did when compared to the other set ups I auditioned to date. Of course, I am not saying this is the best and nothing else can beat this, but I can say this is right there in the competition. It can compete with some high-end rigs and will not hold back. Particularly, In the price point, it is being offered, there are not many options to get close to this is what I feel. Again, it is just my opinion. Maybe I did not listen to the right amp + speaker combo because most showrooms in Bangalore try to push what they have in stock normally.

Moreover, post spending some time with Amit, I felt all these things are put together with utmost passion and love towards music and it clearly shows it with their AMP’s and Speakers. They are not pushy at all when it comes to sales and will answer any doubts or queries you throw at them and let you decide.

So I had spent 80% of my time auditioning primarily the Platinum Series FS and both their AMP’s mostly and did not get a chance to listen to the gold series FS, BS, and Pl Series BS for a long time as I was getting late to head back home but still managed to listen to one or 2 tracks and again it was good but then I would want to hear them out specifically some other time. I also believe what FM @musickcan suggested in a different thread, when trying different speakers continuously we will not be able to differentiate the tonal characteristics between the speakers as our ears get used to the sound we listen to for a long time. Hence, I have planned to pay another visit soon to listen to the Gold Series Speakers and post my views.

Below are some of the pics of the rigs
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