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Absolute Phase is now the exclusive India Distributor for Audio Analogue (Italy)

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier

Absolute Phase

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Jul 25, 2006
We at Absolute Phase are happy to announce that we now represent "Audio Analogue" as their exclusive India Distributor.

In 1995 we were there first dealer for India and till date their Audio Analogue "Puccini" Int amp is working perfectly with many of our clients and we we still have one with us that is awesome!

Audio Analogue was born in that beautiful part of Tuscany between Pistoia, Lucca and Pisa in 1995. The synergy between experts of high fidelity, electronic engineers specialized in various fields of electronic design and sales managers with years of experience in various sectors could only create the base of what is Audio Analogue today: a company, but mostly a brand among the most renowned in Italy and around the world to satisfy the palates of the most demanding audiophiles.

Products such as Puccini (both in the basic version that SE), Maestro Integrated, the Paganini, the Maestro CD, Verdi Cento, the Class A as the integrated amplifier as in the power amplifier version, along with all other models and their various versions that have come and gone over the years have marked our history and consolidated the statement of our brand in the world that has always been known for the undeniable sound quality.

Products truly MADE IN ITALY, heart, soul and substance, using mainly small and very skilled industries and craftsmen almost to make the most of the Italian excellence and raise the quality of our and their work. Equipment completely hand-made, tested with first-rate equipment, but also with listening tests, finding always the thrill of having created something which may give emotions through listening to favorite music.

We have their new range of AACENTO integrated amplifier & Puccini Anniversary Integrated amplifiers on demo. At the latest MOC 2018, they launched the Bellini Anniversary Preamp & Donizetti Anniversary Power Amps too.

For more visit: www.absolutephase.com or http://www.audioanalogue.com/en/index

All demo's are via prior appointment.