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Jul 11, 2008
Hello everyone. I thought a directory thread would be useful to get a quick reference of vendors that sell acoustic products. I will update the OP as regularly as I can.

Suggestions for improvement are welcome, as always.

1. Twiga Fiber (Products, Locations): Fiberglasswool of 32/48 kg/m3 in rolls/tiles. Ship anywhere in India.
Twiga 32kg/cub. m 25mm thickness (this comes as a roll)
Twiga 48kg/cub. M 50mm thickness (in a box, rigid)
Probably even the 32kg density glasswool you can get it in a box if it is 50mm thickness so specifically ask for it in a box.

The boards comes in a box with boards of roughly 3 feet by 4 feet. The whole box is some 1200 Rs.
I was quoted of around Rs.150/sq metre for the Twiga 50 mm thickness - 32 kg/cubic metre fibreglasswool board.

2. Anutone/SoundzShoppe (P, L): Lots of products including wall/ceiling/floor tiles, foams (wedges, strips, pyramids). Reputation for being high priced and high quality.

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Anutone... make the best sound proofing and sound absorbing material in Asia. They are expensive, but the 50 to 100 Rs a square feet they charge more is well worth it. If you need more information or what products to choose from from Anutone, let me know. They also make thin sheets that can be glued to doors and small areas, completely soundproofing your HT room.

3. Fibretex India (P, L): Woodwool boards/tiles and foams for ceilings/walls.

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m4w said:
Fibrecrete's NRC values (with a 50mm airgap):

50mm-320 : NRC = 0.80
125Hz - ~0.17
250Hz - ~0.29
500Hz - ~0.58
1000Hz - ~0.64
2000Hz - ~0.64
4000Hz - ~0.91

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4. Vinardax (P, Bangalore): Woodwool boards, Vinapar boards, Acrylic fabric
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Jul 8, 2009
It will be good if you post the approx. cost also.
Member Opert has visited their factory and also had a look at the product. IIRC, Opert was quoted around Rs.200 for a 20mm board of 2ft x 4ft. This works out to around Rs.25 per sq.ft as against Rs.60+ per sq.ft by Anutone. So, pricing is great, product also looks great going by the NRC specs on their website. Has anyone from the Forum used Vinardax boards?

Please note that both Vinardax and Anutone use metric and hence the boards are lesser by half inch on both the sides. I learnt this the hard way when my Anutone boards arrived, luckily they gave me a full replacement free of cost. I had made my plywood boards exactly 2ft x 4ft.