Additions to existing 2.0 system (Onkyo Tx-Sr607 with Jamo S606)

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Sep 12, 2009
Hi Gurus,

Once again have come to your shelter to seek some expert advise on additions for my newly (about 2 month old) possesed system (Onkyo Tx-Sr607 with Jamo S606 floorstander :yahoo:). Will be greatful if you can help me with following doubts.

(My usages is 50% music - all types available on earth and 50% movies - all tyes available on earth)

Inputs : Panasonic DVD player (DVD,VCD, ACD as media), Tata Sky DTH (Normal), An old Philips Cassete deck and MP3 players using Toshiba / Lenevo Laptop (using EP-RCA cable)

1. What should be the first addition - A center or a Sub (by the way Jamo S606 have side firing subs inbuilt)

2. In case its is a Sub than what is the right choice within a budget of 20K

3. If its a center than I would rather complete the 5.0 system by adding two surrounds hence please advise which Center and Surrouns are worth going for within a budget of 20 K for 3 speakers.

4. Is it worthwhile/logical to use Jamo S606 FL as surround speaker and rather upgrade to even better R and L later, in such case I will only add a center as of now and wait for a few months more to add better R and L as my pocket allows me.

Would like to thank in advance for any help or suggestions.

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