Airtel DTH review


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Oct 15, 2009
i have recently got a samsung 40 lcd tv.
to complement it,got an airtel DTH
how i finalised on airtel:
close contenders were
read a lot of online reviews .There were some reports for poor customer service,and problems with adding channels
but quality wise and user interface wise i found really good reviews which encouraged me to go for this one
i listed down all channels which i can't live with out ...:D

regional channels
NDTV and etc etc...

went through all other's plans
airtel's mega south seemed tailor made for me for 275pm
tata's came upto 300pm
though sun entry plan is 99 when i add topups for channel i want it went well over 400 pm
when checkd side by side airtel's picture looked better in some regional channels
so finally decided on airtel
bought it from tmc,begumpet.paid 1750 got south mega for 3months free.
Installation and all were made the very next day
  • universal remote(control volume,on/off,a/v,mute) is really helpful and is of good quality,nice to hold.
  • EPG helps
  • good looking UI
  • quality is good(except for some regional channels,need not to blame DTH here)
  • channel switching takes 2-3 seconds(increases to 3-4 seconds after 10hrs of continous usage)
  • hanged once while checking iTV services (had to reboot)

more information to follow as i live with it.

check out some pics here:
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I am currently checking out the Airtel DTH offering as against their IPTV. I got the demo connection of IPTV around 3 yrs back.

Now with a A to B comparision

PQ is more or less the same I felt it is slightly better on the DTH (though I expected it the other way) like in hindi you say unees bees ka farak

The DTH remote is not truly universal, it can only control TV power on/off, mute, vol and source (these four functions of TV) it is a learning remote though only for these 4 functions.

The remote quality is better that the one in IPTV. Further no issues during channel switching sometimes did take too long otherwise is normal

The most annoying feature of the DTH is the Airtel logo in the bottom RH corner. (IPTV does not display the logo )

The DTH also offers some functions like different audio feeds (no facility of this in the IPTV).

IPTV offers an unique feature i.e. we get around 42 channels including mainstream ones for the last 7 days. We can browse for any programming of the last 7 days and watch the same at any given point of time which is why I am staying with IPTV
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