Am i making the right purchase?


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May 29, 2009
Hi guys,

I have a budget of 20 - 25 to buy a home theatre system. I have onkyo 3100 in my mind..and in chennai the best price i am getting is 21700 from ezone..I am also not sure what dvd player should i go for..

I am not a movie buff..its more for music but also want something that can play movies if interested in future.

In this price range can i get a better deal other than onkyo? I dont have much of knowledge in this area..i am just blind..pls help guys..

My living room is of close to 175 sq feet.

will it not be loud enough? to get it heard in other rooms for music when played in the living room?

I listen to all kinda music from indian classical to western except heavy metal and rock
Many thanks guys.

Strictly no for music.

You will need to up the budget if you want a dedicated unit for playing music. You will need a stereo amp, speakers, source, etc. Other option is if you already have a PC then configure/upgrade that to play music, get a pair of good powered speakers and you can then go for a HTIB just for movies. But HTIBs are strictly no no for music.
AVR r not good for music,still if you want HtiB then Denon DHT 390 can be better for you.
Price without DVDp is little High(32k?)Yamaha HtiB can also be considered.
DVDp canbe pio610 for 6.6k(grey)

If only music,consider moserws opinion.

I own a 3100 and it is not too good for music(absolutely agree with the above comments). You would be better off with an amp and cdp as others suggested. but for movies 3100 is an OK choice.. you wont be thrilled but you wont be disappointed completely either. The speakers that come with 3100 are as good as scrap. you would have to spend for speakers again. Either raise your budget and get a better HT or get a entry level cdp and amp(for music).
Please feel free to PM me if you are still need to know anything about 3100. The price quoted at e-zone seems to be a little high. Check out 5.1 digital park. Ashok Nagar .

You can try the JBL 140 speaker package ( discussion going on in another thread) and harman kardon AVR 133 . It gives you a decent sound for movies, but for music get a stereo amplifier , bookshelf / stand mount speakers , CD Player and some decent cables and interconnects, but you have to extend your budget a bit.
Marantz amplifier with Marantz CD Player and Mordaunt short / Mission / Wharfedale book shelf speakers should be available for around Rs.35000/-


After all ur suggestions I am thinknig to up my budget to 30..I was offered for a price of around 30 k for HTS it any good?

if not suggest me something in that range which is good for both HT and music..I am not expecting a great system in this range but a worthy one for the investment..and which can upgradeable later on...

and also a good place in chennai to buy..I am not finding 5.1 digital park ph no active.. 42033291

Thanks guys..

The prices are high dude. In Bangalore onkyo showroom, the price of 3100 was 18k and 5105 was somewhere around 27k - this was somewhere in December last year.
Hi GK,

Call these numbers +91988400714 , +919884416416 and find out. You can ask them the prices directly and also ask for their final price. I am sure you can get a bargain.

Hi kart,

When u go for 5105 its another Onkyo.your purpose will not be solved.onkyo is strictly out for music. I have 3100 and i am more than satisfied with it for HT after i upgraded my cable.

If you want to hear music and as well want to have a Home Theater go for Marantz entry level AVR. It may cost u around 15-16 k i think. Wharfedale 9.2 costs 15+ k. Then when ur budget allows u can add a sub and rear speakers later. This way you will not be compromising on quality.

Hey guys thanks a lot for ur response...

If marantz is a good option if i buy an amp, would that be 5.1 compatible for my future upgrades? if so any dealer in chennai and any models do u guys recommend pls?
Thanks, sec opt is connecting oppo980 with NAD,can it give good sound as CDP+AMP combo?(oppo + Nad?)
Thanks, sec opt is connecting oppo980 with NAD,can it give good sound as CDP+AMP combo?(oppo + Nad?)

It depends. A good quality CD player will exhibit superior sound qualities than a universal player such as Oppo. But this comes at a very high price. I would say that the Oppo 980 is comparable to stand alone CDPs upto about 300 $ range
hi,you can audition yamaha yht-195,well i am highly satisfied with it for movies and it also produces not best but good quality music also.but please do audition it first as everyone has different taste.
Thanks a lot but I am in an odd situation where I cant do audition myself as I am in UK and i badly wanna buy it tomorrow and gift my dad on his retirement :(..I have tried few stores here for audition but they dont have any of the entrylevel all that they have are very high level which is definitely not my choice hence i have asked my friends to do the audition...I am hoping I get the right u said the taste and opinion differs :)..

Did u check the equivalent model of onkyo before u finalised on this? Did yamaha sounded better than onkyo 3200 ? or 5105?

how much yamaha 195 cost in chennai and the best place to buy?
For mov-go for Onkyo any model will do & depends on budget,features you need.

For balanced performance(mov,music)Yam or even Denon Htib is better.
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