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Oct 28, 2008
Amazon Music has some new (well not so new) sections that I've been exploring for a while now. One of particular interest is Music You Should Hear where "Which musicians have influenced you the most?" "What CDs can't you seem to get enough of?" "What albums do you love and think your fans should hear?" We asked a number of recording artists these questions, and Music You Should Hear is where you'll find their answers. Check out what they have to say; maybe you'll discover some new favorites for your collection." quoted from Amazon website. In this section a lot of top artists/musicians discuss the artists they listen to and would recommend. A great place/way to discover new artists/genres. Link - Music You Should Hear: Music

Another section Music Essentials "We've searched our extensive music library and put together a list of essential artists and composers we think every serious music lover should know. Our list spans decades and styles, genres and movements, cataloging the greats from the greatest. Each list shows the artist's best works and is ranked by what Amazon's customers favor most--so the No.1 album is the one customers love best--a good place to start if you're discovering something new. We've also created a special Essentials Forum just for debating the list, since what's the fun in making a list if you can't discuss it? Participate in the conversation and help us grow our list of Essentials by telling us what you like, don't like, and would like to see." quoted from Amazon website. Link - Essentials: Greats from the Greatest: Music

Finally the Music Deals - Music Deals For Every Fan has pretty good deals going on from time to time. You get to order CDs/compilations with discounts. Link - Music Deals: Music
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