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Mar 28, 2007
Hi experts,

I have kind of a dumb query, I guess. However, I am very tempted to ask this.

I have an old stereo integrated amp HK6300 (60 Watt/channel) which is lying around idle. I was encouraging my 17 yr old son to get it in his room and even promised to buy him a pair of Wharfdale 9.1, but somehow he wants to listen to his music on my system and did not take the offer.

Now the amp I am using in my system is the NAD C325BEE driving a pair of large bookshelf Canton speakers.

I was just wondering: Is it possible to somehow use the HK as a preamp to the C325BEE and thereby bypassing the preamp section of the NAD and using it only as a power amp? The HK has an RCA out to an external processor like graphic equaliser, surround processor. Can this output be used to connect it to the main-in of the NAD? Are these sort of outputs take place at a stage in between the pre and the power?

You can consider this as a game I am trying to play. However, is sound going to be better if I am able to do this?

In case this is possible, which volume controller would be in work? both?

If I try this out, is there any danger of damaging either equipment or my speakers?

I am sorry if some of you find my query absolutely nonsensical. If you do, can you please suggest some other use of the HK amp?


Hi Asit.

I doubt wheather you can connect the RCA out from your HK to the main in of the NAD and get good quality . If you are using a dedicated Pre then you can find some difference in the sound quality . Also the NAD and the HK are different sounding amplifiers and you wont be getting the best of both.

why do you want to use the hk as a pre. unless it has a pre out / main in you wont be able to use it. and like mohan says, i dont think the hk and nad would match. sell the hk and buy some music:)
The NAD C325BEE PreAmp section is far more better than HK, IMO you wont find any improvement. you can better sell HK and buy a preowned NAD if you need one more Amp, or Go with afj's Idea.
Thanks mohan, afj and saran, for your inputs. Sorry for the belated reply.

As I mentioned in my original query, I thought it was a dumb idea and thanks for letting me know what you thought.

Actually the problem of selling the HK6300 is that I would not get any money for it, I think. The hassles of selling something would not be worth the money. That is because the unit is pretty old, I bought it in Germany in 1989 for more than 800 German Marks. It has given me good service all these years. Last year it started giving me minor problems with one of the channels. That's when I got it repaired by a person who is kind of an expert with HK amps here in Kolkata. The repair involved replacement of a few resistors, although the work was very tedious (much of the work was done in front of me) and cost me Rs 800.

Thanks again.