Anils vintage system audition


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Mar 3, 2008
hi all,
itz about my audition experiance with Anil kumars system .
few days back we [me with one friend] arreived at Anil Kumar s house for autioning of his diy towers...

Anils system :

Okyo LD/DVD player > Pioneer SA-9100/ YAMAHA CA-610 >DIY Towers with vifa Drivers

First of all i was pretty much mazed by the VINTAGE MASTERPIECES , possed by Anil

These are
Pioneer SA-9100 integrated amp (60 watt RMS)
YAMAHA CA-610 (40 watt RMS).

Both were maintained very very well by anil . The Amps looked like as
if they were purchased last week ...but if iam not wrong these rere created in mid 70s .The amps are imported by anil through ebay-customs route ....from here i can assume the passion for vintage hifi in anil kumers heart !

Really best amps were made during that golden era.....

the pioneer amp sounded very musical as compared to yamaha ..yamaha was doing justice in classical music part....

the DIY towers were well designed terms of audio reproduction .Anil told us about the difficult route he had gone though for woodworking parts of cabinet...
finally the major part was completed by him the DIY way.

the frequency reponse was smooth upto the highs and punchy bass of the towers well felt.

this audition again we could spend relatively short period at his place ....

but we managed to play ample number of cds .... beegees,phillcollins,enigma-original version ,western classicals,early electronic music discs ...all can be enjoyed, what a wonderful DIY pair design by Anil...

Also he has big collection of directly-imported CDs in his CD rack ...

for extreme highs he has a pair of VINTAGE PIONEER PAPER CONE TWEETERs ..that were connected to the towers and extacted more of high-end of spectrum.....

About the towers these are ported MTM with vifa driverers . fitted with professionally made crossovers . ...original autrallian diy design with the applied MODs by Anil ...

I hope Anil would not mind if i request him to spend a longer session at his place next time ..and yes this time with my cds too ...:)
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I totally agree with Kaushik....Last Saturday I and Maddy went to Anil??s humble abode to audition his DIY floor-standers and vintage amps. Also, this was the first time I took time out of my daily banal routine to visit another music lover to audition his setup. And I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by not only with Anil??s setup but also his enthusiasm. I and maddy listened to 80??s retro CDs and a Pink Floyd LP along with chit-chats, chai, and chips. I am really impressed by his DIY??s combined with his vintage amps.

Though Anil kept on insinuating that the speakers need fine tweaking further, I couldn??t discern anything amiss.
Thank you, Anil, for your hospitality and having us at your home.

Redlag nice to hear bout your Audition session at Anil's place !

Its indeed a job well done by Anil !! he has gone through a tough time completing the Towers !! so he must be congratulated for his commendable effort in getting towers up and running !

We have discussed some tweaks for the same and should take it up soon (Am working on a new Xover,so once thats done may be we'll start) !

He's a perfect host !! so the stuff comes naturally to him !! I remember when I went,we had lunch but his wife was bit upset as she was aware of my visit !! so kept blaming Anil :p for not informing her bout my visit !! she felt bad that she couldn't prepare any special dishes for me ! so thats the extent of him and wife's enthusiasm towards Guest,which very rare in todays date :)!! So Kudos to him !!

Now I don't know whether you've seen any of my DIY efforts :confused: !! if not seen yet,please do check em out and post your comments ! also if interested to check it out the Open Invitation is there ;)!!

Hi soundsgreat,
Though relatively new to this forum, I am quite aware of threads and discussions here -- esp. regarding vintage stuff and DIYs.
Hence even though I am not acquainted to you, I am quite aware that you are into DIYs. I have followed you here at hifivision and at other forum as well :D

I totally agree with you when you mentioned Anil's generosity and his enthusiasm regarding vintage amps and his DIY towers. I am so impressed with his amps that I have resolved that I would definitely take his help to procure some vintage stuff.
Also since Saturday my mind is wandering to initiate my own DIY towers. I have read about MDF boards and about things that were beyond me (crossovers, dimensions of box with relation to its drivers etc). Looks like I have to start with being an apprentice first and then later create my own towers.

I would definitely like to visit your place to hear your DIYs... and if any other member(s) are interested then it would be wonderful.


Never knew that you have seen the stuff as the comments are missing !! hence this led me to believe the obvious !! anyhow its good that now I know you have already checked it !!

Well not only to the DIY and Vinatage I also meat for the Guests who visit him ! nothing much to say, He's the man !!

If you are interested then you should try !! any inputs and help my side is always there !!

As with the Audition of my stuff you are more then welcome as said before ! let me know how do you want to take it forward !!

Thanks to Kaushik, Arvind & Sreekanth for the comments, i sincerely thank Sreekanth for agreeing to comeover & tweak my towers for more midrange reproduction.

This is an effort to pramote DIY activity in the young people & what can be done using avilable speaker drivers. Why build our own speakers?
basically, we can make great sounding speakers at a low cost.

We may not achieve the quality of a Rs 1,0000 speaker, but for a couple hundred rupees, you can build speakers that will sound much better than anything you can buy at that price & the satisfaction that you get by building is something great, which cannot be explained. If you are building your own loudspeakers, then you will learn about acoustics, crossovers, woodworking skills, veneering and using tools that you may never have even known existed had you not ventured into one of the most absorbing and satisfying hobbies around.

Main reason for DIY is not about saving money, to gain knowledge, handling of tools, new skills, and the enormous feeling of satisfaction that comes from building your own equipment. This is worth far more than money. DIY for the fun of creation,to learn, or to get something that can't be bought & tweaking to your taste.

I am involved in this activity since 1984, my first DIY activity was through ABAA (Association of Bangalore Amateur Astronomers) i built my first telescope in 1985, right now i am in the process of building a 4" refractor telescope & a steadycam for my DV camcorder. I want more young people to actively involve in DIY projects & have fun, i have more projects in the pipeline, this activity never ends.....

DIY approach is more about satisfaction and creation than anything else.


DIY is an addiction...​

Anil common buddy ! you don't have to thank me !! its no big deal !

I whole heartedly agree with your comments on the DIY ! but one more thing to add ! if done properly we can easily beat the run of the mill speakers that are sold under various brands demanding a premium from Us!!

There are many examples of that ! so DIY products cannot be and should not just termed as self satisfaction stuff ! they can take on the best of the world and beat them in their own game !!

I always think of it in those terms and have tried my best to achieve it ! Now a lot people may ridicule this as just an egoistic person speaking and one cannot actually compare a DIY to the big brands as the big brands have dozens of engineers and thousands of dollars to play with !! but I have some bad news for them ! this is me speaking through experience not through ego !!

Well I didn't want to post this but my buddy Rikhav has already done it !! so please have a look the post and the comparison between my DIY cable Vs top Brands cables !! this put to rest all the misconceptions of DIY not being upto the mark !!

DIY Speaker Cables Vs Branded Speaker Cables

So Anil and other I hope my message is well received !!

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i agree...with shreekanth,

i will add one line that i strongly believe ..
"There are no formula set that must be followed that will lead to great innovations , just feel the power you have within yourself ..! "

shreekanths work has proved that , even over history we see several examples
of the same.

But making a DIY stuff a business idea is a different subject....
only because of that these DIY creations get less focus :), but who cares :D!
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anyone planninig to initiate DIY speaker project? I wouldnt mind being an apprentice on weekends.

I am Anil's old time pal...since 1985....I have seen him doing DIY projects....whatever he does he does it meticulous & neat....Comming to his set-up, its been done with lot of passion & it sounds really good..& those Vintage Amps. are piece-de-art.
Way to go Anil...keep it up. Last but not the least....They are perfect Host.

Prakash subbanna.
anyone planninig to initiate DIY speaker project? I wouldnt mind being an apprentice on weekends.


Greetings from namma ooru!

Send me a pm-will see if we can meet up. I have a project in the pipeline, and having a raw apprentice who can learn somethings is not a problem.

er eh ... any room for a hanger-on good for nothing insect buzz around? ;) I promise not to backseat drive things.
I built my flexi audio rack DIY style and I plan to build a DIY single driver in a few years time and this will be a good start. Unless you think too many is a crowd.

Agree with Kaushik, Sreekanth and others on Anilkumar's DIY speakers, his Vintage gear, his quest for perfection, attention to detail and his technical soundness. Suri, iaudio, rallynut, sreekanth and Saikat visited his place last Sunday. Had a great time, wished we could stay longer. Anil, Sreekanth, George, Suri and others are a true inspiration for those like me who want to get into DIY. Hats off to these guys for patience and persevernce for pursuing what is so close to their heart.

Special mention of his family's hospitality. His wife is a great cook and we savoured some excellent food at Anil's place. Thanks Anil for having us over:).

Never knew that you have seen the stuff as the comments are missing !! hence this led me to believe the obvious !! anyhow its good that now I know you have already checked it !!


Hi soundsgreat,

Although I have read your posts a hundreds of times but I never checked out your posts linked in your signature.
Wow! I must say, your signature is a mini DIY'er encyclopedia!! Great jobs well done!!
Vivek, Listening to the stuff he has made(this applies to both Anil and Shreekanth) will be a bigger revelation.
Hi Titus,

Looking forward to vicariously enjoying these and other B'lore members systems through your eloquent prose.

Hi Rajiv

Unfortunately Srikanth is now not on the forum-as a result of some of the happenings that occurred some months ago. Definitely a loss to the forum, since he is a real innovator.

Hi Titus,

Looking forward to vicariously enjoying these and other B'lore members systems through your eloquent prose.


It s an honour to know that someone like you is looking forward to my impressions on the same:)
Will do soon. Just got the pics on an imagesharing site, now for the write up.
Unfortunately Srikanth is now not on the forum-as a result of some of the happenings that occurred some months ago. Definitely a loss to the forum, since he is a real innovator.

Hi George,

I'd like to meet Srikant & Anil during my next visit to Bangalore. I have Anil's number but do you have Srikant's?


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