Another Burden Added!


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Nov 27, 2008
Providence, RI, USA
Hi Every one, I am Krishna,

Very Happy to be a part of this team, really dont find much time cause the site is often blocked in office (They are jelous!). Finally decided to enter the Tech family.

Well a little history of my degrees...

10th std .... Operated on a Philips 2 in 1 to take out its subwoofer(they named it as TBG Turbo Bass Generator). You know what was its size .. it was 3" which goes down to 30 HZ (according to the manuall). model was PHILIPS DR 920.

11 & 12th .... Connected a philips tower to the 2 in 1, played NFS 3 with bass full, kept it right under the bed, do you all remember the song Quantam Singularity from NFS3, was impressive then.

UG .... begged to dad bought mini Hifi Sony MHC VX-7 imported 3000 Watts PMPO/170 W RMS then. Its still working and its pretty good. Price 24000 then.
i also used to connect my philips 2 in 1 in the car connecting inputs from the fan (it was a fiat). I really enjoyed experimenting.

PG.... Didnt buy any thing just balsting those.

2 Years back:
Samsung 32" LCD Rs 68000 then with Samsung HDMI DVD player free.
Onkyo HTIB HTS 590 Rs 28000

Upgraded Front Speakers to POLK Audio Rti A5! Rs 33000

Planning to:
Upgrade Sub.
then Receiver.

Well i have spent a lot on these gadgets in the past 3 years , apart from my car sterio. Its really like a drug. Well i have few friends here who are responsible for the same.My Parents still know that my Polk Rti A5 costs 10K...

Meet you all sooner @ the forums.
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same pinch krish,
my parents know that my jamo s408 is just 5k.

thanks for letting me to know, "its happening everywhere"

mano fernando
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