any VCRs to DVD coversion


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May 31, 2009
I am not sure if this is the right forum but

I am looking for VCRs that converts VHS to DVD.

1. I can buy a VCR and connect it to my computer and burn them on DVDs
2. I can buy a deck which will converts VHS to DVD directly.

I need to convert some 30 VHS to DVDs.

Will it work out to be cheaper if i give it out to a shop who can do it?
I do this with TVtuner card which can convert(record) AV input to desired format with sound in pure stereo. (say DVD,ipod,VCD,MPEG1,2,Divx)

Only prob,you need to play mov,so time can be same as the length of mov.

Do you know how much will be the approx cost for 1 VHS (~2hrs)?

I really do not need in DVD format. mp4, avi, mkv - anything that is playable on a computer will be fine.

Go for DVD, it will be better. You can use them as backups and just rip in any format you want to watch on the PC. Cost I'm not too sure, I had it done quite a few years ago and it cost Rs. 100 or Rs. 200 per VHS tape. Finding such shops/people though will be an issue since most seem to be out of business.
Ask any studio person they might have the setup with them to do this kind of transfer. A regular studio which also shoots marriage videos might have the contacts for the same.
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