Any Wharfedale Evo 4.1 Bookshelf Speakers Users here?

Yes, I have these bookshelf spks. Using these for around 5 months now. Very nice spks, just pair these with the right amp. I use these with Nad integrated C325BEE, 50w per channel @ 8 ohms (15 year old amplifier). Mounted on sound foundation "Nemesis" speaker stands that are filled with white sand. These spks shine on the mid tones and vocals, bass is also good but not extraordinary. Evo 4.1 is good for small to medium room but if you have big space then go for Evo 4.2 and higher. These days sale is going on at Hi fi mart and the price difference between these two models is not much. For Evo 4.2 just be careful of placement height etc as those are not small bookshelf speakers.