Arcam CD spinners


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Dec 3, 2007
Hi guys,

Am still awaiting a new cdp and was wondering what u guys think of the Arcam cd 73 and the Cd 192. Any user experiences to share? Know they are both in different price brackets but was just trying to hear from guys who have heard both.
I have compared the Arcam cd73t to the cd 17mk2 and 3 from marantz. I prefer the cd73t anyday. I noticed improvement in ? involvement?, ?resolving detail?, ?naturalness? etc..In comparison the Marzntz sounded more colored. I have not heard the cd 192.
well i A/B the Maratnz SA 15 S1 against an Arcam CD192.. the arcam blew the marantz out of the water. The details and musicality of the arcam was phenomenal.

Am pretty excited with the new SACD player that arcam have the FMJ Cd37 . Should be worth a listen and is on the top of my wish list. BTW the CD 192 and FMJ 36 are going at discounts abroad with the arrival of new arcam series so if anyone is ravelling abroad one can pick up a bargain. DUNNO abt the scene here though.
Cannot help you on the Arcam but you could look at the Benchmark DAC and use a normal cd player as transport. The Lavry DAC is even better. Have heard both. lavry is more organic whereas the Benchmark is more detailed but not in an etched way.
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