Arcam FMJ A18 Int Amp & FMJ CD17 CDP on demo at Absolute Phase

Great. The cd17 is one I wanted to compare with the cd93t which I have. Will come over one of these days Prithvi.
How would one compare the CD192 with the Cd 17 and cd 37 or rather how do the two compare with the CD 192. Having heard the CD 192 on my set up , would love some point of comparisons between them.

We just received the new FMJ range of A18 integrated amp & CD17 CDP from ARCAM UK. Demos by prior appointment only.


I just saw your post while browsing about Arcam amplifiers on this site.

I was wondering how does the Arcam A70 integrated amplifier compare with the Arcam FMJ A18 in terms of sound quality and power output.

Are these models still available? If so, what are their present prices?

Thanks and regards.
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