Audio books & Their Cloud Streaming Services ( Audible etc)...


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Aug 29, 2016
Dear FMs
Though book reading was always an immersive personal experience For me, With Smell of new paper & Tactile feel of paperbacks ; during this Lock down I tried Audible from Amazon. I must say I was quite impressed with the service.
Sceptical at first, I was encouraged by 3 month free membership. One Free credit per month to buy a book and 199/month ( much cheaper than USA currently) after trial period.

Books are priced in different prices, either you can buy the book after paying The amount will be tied to your Amazon account or use the monthly free credit to buy the book. Members get decent discounts while buying. Using monthly free credit is good for buying expensive books whereas cheaper books (<500 Rs) Can be bought outright. Book gets added to library which can be read on any OS platforms you choose. You can't buy from IOS app Currently, so either you have to go via website or Android app for buying books. Which is a simple process.
Books once bought stays with you forever (even if you opt out of monthly membership), your reading is synced across the platforms once its downloaded to respective device.
Best part, you can Exchange The book Or full refund if you don't like the book!
Some books are read by Authors themselves (which is an amazing treat in itself), some from dedicated audible staff etc.

I have been been using it in car during my daily driving , and after audible I almost stopped listening to FM transmission which used to be a routine earlier. Even my kids are so used to listening to audio books while traveling in my car. At home, Amazon Echo devices can Continue from wherever you've left which is quite user friendly. I started initially with the books I had read earlier as paperback like Rich dad Poor Dad which was pretty good; and it has been a irresistible habit since 6 months. I used to listen to medical journals audio summaries on Spotify and Apple Music earlier but this is totally a different experience altogether.

This thread is to know from fellow FMs using this service, or other competitive services and to Share good audio books to listen to, irrespective of the platform and service. Kindly share your experiences with services and quality audio books for everyone's benefit. (As usual disclaimer : no financial interest or conflict Of interest involved)


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Jul 12, 2016
navi mumbai
I am not much interested into the books. But, after reading your article, could not resist to thank you for initiating this thread. The article is very well written.
Hope to see other book readers join in. Good luck.
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