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Audio Cables/Converters

Mogami Cables


New Member
Dec 20, 2013
I am looking for audio cables/converters to connect to my following setup. Please suggest which one should i prefer.

My primary goal is to connect my TurtleBeach X42 headphones to listen to movies which I play on Sony Bluray. I also have Yamaha YHT-299 hooked up to Bluray.
YHT-299 has RCA audio outs and Sony Bluray has coaxial digital out. My turtlebeach headphone transmitter has Optial in and Analog 3.5 mm in.

So which cables are available if I want my Bluray output on my headphone transmitter? I guess I have following options,
1. Bluray to headphones - Coaxial to Optical or Coaxial to Analog
2. Home theater to headphones - RCA to Analog

I would prefer to buy cables instead of converters as I guess it will be cost effective. Please advice. Also if you can help out where in Pune i can find good quality cables for these.

Note: My headphones are Dolby 5.1 virtual surround. So i would prefer a setup giving me Dolby signal to my headphone.