Audio Setup Issue - Denon 1610 w Yamaha 8390 & NS-P60


Aug 12, 2009
I have bought the Denon 1610 with Yamaha speakers (8390 & NS-P60) a couple of weeks ago. Things have been pretty good overall. However I appear to be having trouble with the audio setup when I switch between movies and music.

I have used Audyssey for the setup - both to get the distance to the listening/viewing spot as well as to set the level for the speakers.

8390 FS (R & L) = -7.5 dbs , Distance 2.5 mtrs
NSP 60 (C) = -11.5 dbs, Distance 2.3 mtrs
NSP 60 (Surr R & L) = - 12 dbs, Distance 1.0 mtrs

My room is 7 x 11 feet.

The challenge that I have is that when I play movies, I feel that the center channel is not loud enough during the dialogues and so I have had to increase the level to -1 dbs.

And when I play music, I have to drop it back to the level set by audyssey (-11.5 dbs) to get it sounding right.

Btw I have switching off the Audyssey EQ but it still doesnt work.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong?
This is common issue with disc with poor sound.

DVD comes with dedicated 5.1 ch,out of that is possible that centre ch is recorded with low vol.
When you play music(even test tone) all ch are fed equal levels,so you need to decrease level when listening to music & increase with mov.

When set up is done test tone is equally played in each ch,so microphone records it & calculates level on each ch....
Why dont you try playing music in "Stereo" or "Direct" mode? When you play music in Stereo or Direct mode, only the front L and R speakers are on. And If you have configured a Sub, then Sub will play too. Center and surrounds will be shut. So you dont need to worry about the center speaker volume when listening to music.

I think when listening to music, Stereo or Direct mode is the best. Try it out :)

Thanks Spirovious, I think you are right... when the setup was done it it uses the same level of output and Audyssey tried to make sure that the volume level is set up in such a way that it reaches the listener at the same time. But when I pay movies, the center channel does not have same output as the Front R/L or Surr.

John, I usually put it to stereo when I listen to music. However I sometimes use Dolby Prologic setting which uses the R/L & C channels to play the music thats when I have to turn down the center channel to get the sounding right.
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