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Sep 20, 2008
I am presently using Creative Ep 630 in ear headphone,though they sound quite impressive but I wanted to upgrade to a better headphone. I strictly wanted in-ear phones as I travel often.

I am considering the sennheiser cx 95 but I happen to read so many reviews about sennheisers that they sound quiet good but tends to decrease in volume as time passed and they even stopped sounding, many people said they have to even change the sets for a pair of new ones. What are your opinion about sennheisers? what about some other brands...either than Bose.

What better options do I have out there, I can spend 5-6k for it, and strictly for music on the go..a pair with excellent bass reproduction is desired.
I have been using Sennheiser's for years and find them simply fantastic. I own four different hi end models and have never had any such problems of decreasing volume. I have had problems of the transducer comming loose when they are dropped, but thats easy to fix. Nothing more serious than that.
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beyerdynamic DTX 50
Shure SE110
Ultimate Ears SuperFi 3 Studio
Goldring - GX-200

Skullcandy SC SBW3.5
V-MODA Bass Freq
Denon AH-C551
Radius Atomic Bass
Sennheiser CX 95
Sennheiser CX 500
Etymotic ER-6i

Check out

Goldring - GX100
Goldring - GX200

They are simply good, and are budgetly priced as well...

visit there website, and you will knw...

Mridul, do you know what the prices are in India and where 2 buy? BTW, I'm in Mumbai.
luv the dr150....if the rest of the range is like them, they are better for the price than more famous ones like senns
The Goldring GX 200 seemed good, others are all noise cancelling. But where do i find these headdies in India
the goldring gx 200 seemed good, others are all noise cancelling. But where do i find these headdies in india

try sennheiser px 100 beware of duplicate which are common in all top brand resembles like original and cheap offered in ebay and every where in grey market. If they come cheap get a demo and buy or otherwise try to purchase from original dealer with warranty.
Hey, make sure you like audiophile quality sound before you jump in.

The audiophile headphones specialize in spacial placement of instruments, imaging and richness rather than boosted bass.

If you are using the creative products (not sure of the particular headphone), you are probably looking for more bass.

Below are good choices

Sennheiser - CX95 - Best in bass!
Klipsch - S4 or custom 1 (custom 1 has better bass and S4 has better overall tonality - same price)

BTW, RE2's lack bass when compared with the above but have a better highs.

Audiophile range..

Shure SE210 - great clarity on the expense of BASS.
I've been using RE2 for a while now...has very good clarity and soundstaging...bass is adequate as per my taste but noise isolation is not high...

Try Klipsch S4...very good VFM...

BTW...are brands like Etymotic, UE, Shure etc. available in India?
I find a deal of Rs 7800 for the Monster Beats tour in ear headphone in the US. I guess I shall go for that. Any criticism?
Try Philips SHP9000. I found it better than Senn 595 in sound quality. There are numerous reviews at Headfi and other places. A value for money product. It is also available in Indian markets around Rs. 4000. You could also replace the wire if you wish to do that besides it also comes with a nice carry bag.
The best IEMs for you depends a lot on the sort of music you listen to. Nothing beats Etymotic for clarity, separation and highs. I own Etys and can vouch for them. Shure gives great Bass and Klipsch Image S4 has been hailed as an overall great performer

Beware of Senns since a lot of high quality replicas are in the market. Also, Senns aren't the best VFM.

Also consider investing in a Fiio E5 or E1 amp for getting the best out of your IEMs.

Altec Lansing sells a range of IEMs, made by liecnsing technology from Etymotic and Ultimate Ears. A Balanced Armature UHP606 model is available on Amazon for $25 after 75% discount - best value I have ever seen.
The Marantz PM7000N offers big, spacious and insightful sound, class-leading clarity and a solid streaming platform in a award winning package.