Audioquest Evergreen RCA cable sound change

Mar 31, 2021
Hello everyone,

I usually play music with my Macbook - 3.5 mm jack connected to my Nad C388 amp with RCA cables.
That's because I am yet to buy a streamer and am saving for it.

The current cable I was using was not branded but decent quality. I thought of upgrading the cable to the Audioquest's evergreen.
To my surprise I feel all the weight and the low end had kind of gone away from the tracks. Everything sounds kind of empty.
Something is kinda off I really am not sure what.

Do the cables need any time to burn in or the cable simply sounds different?
The sound quality was definitely better with the cheaper cable.
Hi, i also want to try the audioquest cables due to reason that they used some cold welded technology for termination. Did your cable improved a bit after use.
Audioquest are bright cables imo, they focus on clarity. Cable sound is not directly proportional to cost. Cheap cables can sound better.
Owning an Audioquest Evergreen ,2m RCA to RCA interconnect for many years. This was the non braided version and due to repeated removal causing sound dropout. Am planning to dissassemble the plugs(appears well sealed) and check. Let us see how successfulthe venture is. As such I found it to be a neutral sounding cable.
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