Audolici AP-01 Phono/Line Stage + TNT Audio Review

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Dec 3, 2009
Wonderful Portugal
The Audolici AP-01 Phono/Line Stage

During the last 25 years Phono preamps, using Valeryi's own words, grew like mushrooms. Phono preamps designs started with 3 transistors and ended with up to 14/20. This led to a great progression in the reduction of THD (0.001@1kHz). On the other hand sound character became synthetic and transistorized. Audolici's work in analyzing what we call diseases opened a window. We can eliminate a dozen transistors, replace them with one valve and use classic 60's solutions with a maximum of two transistors, and create a paradox. We raise THD (0.1%@1kHz), and achieve a greater organic, uncompressed, non transistorized sound. We use transistors in the beginning of the circuit and a valve in the end, acting as driver. We sacrifice THD specs in exchange of dynamics and transparency. We call this proprietary design Tube Drive Technology

Audolici understands influence of various types of valves and semiconductors, and different matching between them and made a exhaustive research on this subject. A great deal of what we achieve has to do with this.

The Audolici AP-01 is a Tube Drive Technology MM phono stage that offers the facility of an extra line input. This line input also goes through the 6H1P-EB driver valve. This valve is an original military standard Russian Cold War specimen intended for missile guidance applications. We are recycling rockets into music. Where would you rather live: a world full of bomb blasts or a world full of music? Pretty good for warming up that "harsh" digital sound we get sometimes.

This unit offers great transparency dynamics and sound stage. A great value for money.

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