AV Receivers


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Jul 29, 2008
Bangalore, India

I am planning to purchase an AV receiver in bangalore. My budget is between Rs. 50,000 to 60,000. Can anyone suggest a good AV Receiver. I have a HarmanKardon AVR 500 which is misbehaving and I am not able to get this repaired here in India.
Hi Buddy, try these first

Denon avr 2807
arcam avr 250
Onkyo avr TXSR 875
can also try Onkyo TXSR 703


I almost agree with the above suggestions !! they are indeed the one's lookout for ! but I would like to add the following aswell !

1.Yamaha 863 and 1700
2.Cambridge Audio 640

These are crackling AVRs from their respective brands and will surely be a worthy contenders !!


You can also try Pioneer AVR TXV-1017 available at around 38K in
bangalore. Great AVR with very good features such as THX cetrifications etc.
I am using the same since last 3 months & very satisfied with the output.

Thank you all for your recommendation. It will be a great start. I am planning to shop around tomorrow so I know what to look for. I will also do some research on the net tonight.

Forgot to mention that I have recently invested in a Sony 46 inch KLV-46W400A with HDMI interface. Would in need look for any specific with regards to interface support for the AV receiver.

Also the speakers I am using is JBL LA 880 floor standing speakers with surround speakers as well. Anything specific to look out for in terms of compatibility.

Thanks in advance.


All the new AVRs have HDMI as standard so nothing much to worry !

The speakers are quite sensitive at 91dB so again nothing much to worry ! but make sure you buy a Amp with this in mind ! also if possible try to take demo where you have these speakers as that'll make the decision making easy ;) !!

Again the already meantioned Yamaha's should do a decent job of driving these speakers :) !!

Forgot to ask you :p ! whats the Issue with the HK ?? where all you've shown it ? May be I can be of some help ! please PM me if you need any assistance !

My HarmanKardon AVR500 while in use suddenly plays on full volume and thereafter when I power it off and then on again, no volume at all. I have showed it to the Harman Kardon service center then mentioned they do not have the specific board to replace. I also took it to another unauthorised service center who does smaller repair work. He mentioned that one of the chips are faulty and he is not able to source the chip. Also even if he sourced it, he may not be able to repalce it as he does not have to tools to replace that chip. It is a square chip with pins on all sides. The board is J1320.

Do you know anyone who could help me with this.

Thanks a ton and also for all the advise
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