AVR Suggestion for a Central Entertainment Engine


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Oct 13, 2009

I am planning to connect the following to my AVR.

40" Full HD LCD
Tata Sky

Currently using Sony DAV-DZ720 HTIB with a 32" LCD that I plan to rip and replace.

I have a 11.5' x 33' hall+Dining combo where the setup is in the midway of one of the long side of the hall facing the other long side that has the dining area and open kitchen on an end.

This will be used for Gaming(30%), Movie(40%) and some music(30%). Plan to use Xbox as the media centre with DVD as well as streaming inputs.

I was considering Denon 1910 or 1610 for the AVR. Speakers - Confused!

Can I seek the suggestion of the experinenced audiophile from the forum to guide me on the following;
1. AVR Options
2. Speaker Options that could help me get a better o/p given the room conditions mentioned above.

Budget: 70K for the AVR + Speaker + their accessories

PS: Xbox already has Upscaling capability and hence I could save some money from higher end AVRs that has this and put that money on some better speakers. I am ok for a 5.1 at present and do not intend to upgrade for atleast 3 yrs (going by history).
Considering the size of your room - Denon 1910.

I am currently using a Denon 1908, and I am very happy with it.

Speakers - I am using Wharfedale Diamond 9.5, and they are quite good, and were purchased based on advice from forum members. You could also do a search in the forum for other suggestions on the speaker choices. That would also depend on the kind of sound you like.


Please go thru some of the earlier threads on the same topic with budget from 50k to 1L. This iwll help you in understanding what you will get (quality wise) in a 70k setup. Once you narrow down the kind of setup you want (5.1/7.1/2.0/2.1/3.0 speakers) to start with, we could look at options.
Hi MVinoos,

I can tell you the strategy that I followed to stretch my budget and get the maximum bang for my buck - I spread out my purchases over time!

I first got the AVR and the two front speakers, buying the best AVR and fronts that I could afford with available funds.

I lived with the 2.0 setup for a few months. The Denon AVR can be setup to play 5.1 through only 2 speakers simply by indicating which speakers are available during the initial setup.

Later, I bought the subwoofer and upgraded the system to 2.1

Even later, after a few months, I bought the surrounds and had a (somewhat strange) 4.1 setup (the Denon was feeding the front centre signals through the Front Left and FR speakers).

I finally bought the Front Centre last.

This way, you can keep buying more as you save / earn more money over time. Also, your system keeps getting incrementally upgraded.

See what works for you!

Your total room size is 375 square feet. I am assuming you will be using less than 50% of the area for HT/gaming purposes. You are also going to be affected by large amount of human traffic as well as collateral noise.

In an ideal environment, for about 200 odd square feet, something like the 1610 should suffice. But, because of collateral noises, you may need to go in for an amp with higher power. In addition, I would look at small satellite or bookshelf speakers than can be mounted on the wall so that there are no obstructions on the floor to disturb human traffic. Good options for speakers are available from PSB (Alphas), QA (1010is), Energy (Take, Act), Canton (Cinema Series). Listen to the speakers and decide what you want.

Instead of spending too much on AV equipment, I would also look at handling the room acoustics with drapes, carpets, bookcases, etc. That way you can reduce the collateral noises to help you enjoy your system better.