Bad Manners of we indians on forums


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Oct 17, 2008
Bad Manners on web forums


I visited another forum meant for computer users .. the name starts with te***** . There i found most innovative ways in which users abuse each other legally. They also have a trade section for buying and selling.

So some of the thing they do there ( especially in buy-sell) :-

1) Low balling :

ex- Seller : i have a brand new ipod 80 gb for sale for price 10k.

Low balling : i can buy for 6k if u willing to sell.:eek:hyeah:
So knockdown the price of the seller to almost half which infuriates the seller and amuses others.

2) Crapping :

ex- same .. i have a 80 gb for 10k.

Crapping : buddy, dont mean offend you, but this ipod is avaliabe on ebay for 7k..who will buy from you..:yahoo:

so crosspointing sales to other sites supposedly cheap.

3) hijacking :

ex- same i have a 80 gb for sale

hijacker : Dont mean to hijack your thread man, but have a 9GB nano player for sale.. buyers can pm me.:mad:
OR Apple has discontinued this series , u can find the new models here etc..

4) Bumping :

This is valid tactic where a seller/thread starter writes a meaningless post every day to keep his thread at top of the forum.

5) Using abusive language:

the less i say here is better !!:argue:

shortforms used : WTG, FS, IC, GO.. well figure them out for yourselves..

Happy foruming !!
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Well, I don't see a problem with (1) and (2), it will only help set the right expectations with the seller. Ain't it the major benefit of internet?

Hijacking (3) or OT stuff may piss off some people (including me), but that is generally done by new members only.

Bumping (4) again may not be bad if it is within limits (say, one per day) and if the forum allows it. But, me thinks bumping in a Buy/sell section should not be allowed.

These behaviours are common across forums all over the world, may not be specific to "India" or "Indians". :eek:hyeah:
No hard feelings Bro ,but I find the thread name offensive and demeaning us INDIANS.
It is sad that on 15 Aug , a thread has been started where the bad habits of a few people are generalised as INDIANS . I request the moderators to change the title.
True words Sound_Advice.
Spidey, except for the last point about abusive language (and maybe 3), the other points are not wrong in my opinion, nor are they solely the purview of Indian forum behaviour. You'll see similar stuff on most forums...why the particular report on Indians? Just curious...

You may edit / alter the thread as per your perview.
No offense meant to anybody.
Hey spidey,

I quite enjoyed your posts - really :lol:

maybe you should have titled it - "Techniques to employ on fora"!:)
It's all part and parcel of being online on forums, specially if you have sales threads.

Buyers would always want the lowest prices, sellers would always try to get the max.

But definitely one should not cross the line ...
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