Battery biasing for passive crossovers

Hi Cranky,

Thanks for the reply.

I use an 8Mfd +1Mfd +1Mfd for a total of 10 Mfd PIO caps in the crossover of my 16 ohm Altec Horns,for approx. 900/950 Hz crossover point. The Crossover is simple first order.

The Tannoy Monitor Golds are active with a custom Tannoy Monitor Gold Crossover.
Tannoy Monitor Gold Active Crossover, DIY - HIFI-FORUM

The original passive crossovers of the Tannoys use poly caps for the HF,and I think the cap in the LF section is a NP electro.Its been ages since I opened up the crossover boxes of the Tannoys.

I was wanting to experiment with battery biasing with a pair of Infinity RS II speakers that are doing HT duty at my brothers home . The Infinity's are left over from my high power solid state amp days back in the 80's.

The RSII's are over 25 years old and need a complete recap.

Infinity Reference Serie

Hi Cranky,

I was not planning to try it with the Altecs and PIO caps.

I was thinking of experimenting with the Infinity speakers.There are several NP electros in that complex crossover.

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