Best 50" 4k TV under 60k to pair with the new Apple TV 4k


New Member
Jun 20, 2021

I am looking to buy a new 4k TV and a sound bar for my parents. The TV needs to fit inside a TV cabinet and cannot be bigger than 50". My father bought a 43" Blaupunkt (BLA43BU680) junk from FK last year and I'm trying to replace that. He also has a LG 55C8 and SL6Y in his bedroom and I want to make this a budget setup of that. So far I have shortlisted TCL C715, Philips 6604, Toshiba U5050, LG Nano80 and Samsung AUE60 (maybe Q60T if I stretch the budget). I haven't done my research on sound bars yet but I'm open to suggestions for under 12k. This setup will go in a bedroom where there is a lot of natural light because of floor to ceiling windows, so the TV needs to be bright. I will pair the new ATV 4k with it so the tv OS doesn't matter but Dolby Vision and HDR support is a must. Other than that a tata sky hd box will be connected to it. What do you guys recommend I should go for? Thanks!
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