best car audio and where is it available in mumbai

Pl check out the thread for swift dezire in the car audio section, a few good installers are mentioned.
There is nothing as 'best' in car audio. What sounds good to your ears and has decent reviews i.e. no really strong, negative reviews, will be the best for you.

Having said that, I would advise that you first determine your budget, after doing a bit of research on the WWW. Select the 'best' components that your money can buy and get it done from a professional installer.

I am listing some good brands to consider at each component level:

1. Pioneer - VFM
2. Alpine/Eclipse - expensive but worth the price

Component speakers
1. Illusion Audio
2. Ground Zero
3. Bull Audio
4. Hertz
5. JBL

Co-ax (6x9) speakers
1. Illusion Audio
2. JBL

4 channel Amplifier
1. Kenwood and Blaupunkt for budget range
2. JBL and Ground Zero for higher end

1. Ground Zero
2. Image Dynamics
Girl 21 what is your budget? Requirements? Audio Sources ( like ipods?
And what is space you have in dash? Single Din ( slot of appx 2.5 Inches) or double Din? (Slot of appx 5 inches?)

Also most important which vehicle?
You want video? How many screens?

Anyway 2-3 brands are missing here like
Rockford Fosgate
Polk Audio

You need special cables? Yes monster is also available for your car !!!

Now Just for fun
McIntosh also make car audio

McIntosh | Car Audio

and you can get Tube/valve amp for your car!!

Tube Amplifiers by Milbert Amplifiers

One from mass market brand panasonic!!

Panasonic CQ-TX5500D Vacuum Tube Car Stereo | Uncrate

Unfortunaly you cannot see DTH in car! Internationally it is also available!!

KVH TracVision A5 In-Motion SUV/MiniVan Satellite TV Antenna System (A5) | KVH A5 [KVH] | trac vision mobile satellite directv KVHA5 KVH A5 SUV DIRECTV from KVH roof-rack mountable

Appx 2000$!!!

Note that like home audio in car to there is no " ABSOLUTE BEST!" You can blow your budget like anything!
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hi guys you had completely forgot one world classs brand which is
FOCAL speakers.ITs a bit expensive....but if you use a alpine player with focal as the frount speakers sounds amazing for music freaks...,...check it out in neared me it sounds amazing...
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