best entry-level integrated amp in india


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Oct 7, 2007

am amatuer in this field and need help. have been going to many places and auditioning amp+bookshelf speakers. have heard marantz and nad. unfortunately both were available with diff speakers and it is difficult for me to differentiate which amp is better. since am on tight budget can any of you recommend which is the best budget amp available in mumbai?

i primarily listen to hard rock (ac/dc, pearl jam, etc). also am drummer and would instinctively look out for deep warm sound of bass drum (good bass reprodn needed in amp). but since most hard rock music also has heavy distortion rythm guitars, if music reprodn is not good it could easily lead to listening fatigue... guess handling that is a speakers job.

room size approx 200 sq ft.

as per my limited knowledge entry-level amps available in india (i.e. brands with offl distr in india):

cambridge audio 340a
nad 325 bee
marantz 4001/7001
norge (indian brand)

if i am missing any brand pl do tell.

which according to you all experts would be the best amp in my case? it will be better if amp cost is 15-20 k (have to buy speakers too). and ipod/mp3 connectivity in amp will be a welcome plus (guess am asking for too much on a shoe string budget ;) )

wud be grateful for ur help.

thanks for ur replies.

can anybody guide me where can i find c.a. amp with mordaunt short in mumbai?

has anybody auditioned denon pma-500 integrated amp? how is it?

Cambridge 640A V2 can be had for under 20K.
I don't think it has ipod connectivity.

hi dichkaun, can u pl guide me where can i get 640A v2 under 20k in mumbai? the MRP of 640A v2 on website of authorised distributor of cambridge audio is 22k (

particleman, thanks for russel's contact.
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