Best HiFi dealer in your city


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Jul 17, 2008
Decibel is Chennai's one-stop destination for world class home theatre and high end audio solutions. Located in the heart of Chennai, they are the authorized representatives for some of the leading companies in the world of home and commercial audio.

With their comprehensive solutions that include complete integration, acoustic treatment and matching interiors, they ensure unmatchable performance and value for our money.

Their aim is to ensure that we buy the right components that will work together in synergy to give us a lifetime of superlative performance and satisfaction. They will also optimize the system according to our listening environment.

I bought Yamaha receiver, Dynadio Audience 72 FS, Dynaudio Audience 122 C Center Speaker and Q accoustics sorround speaker along with all the required accessories.

I also bought Nad C372 integerated stereo amplifier along with Nad CD player.

I got all of them at very good price. Raghunath the owner of Decibel, personally came to my home and installed the system.

After sales service is really very good. Raghunath is always ready to clear my doubts round the clock.

Thanks Mr. Raghunath.:)

Guys Pl post about best sellers in your cities.
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Best can applied to Demo,Price,aftersales service.

Here in Mumbai ,Demo is very difficult as many are after saling the products.
Few are which give proper Demo with knowledge.

Price very from shop to shop.We need to bargin at everystep & get the best.

Aftersales where many can get problem.

Coming to the point.

I will suggest alliance4 as I have got my speakers from them.

Demo -I got good detailed Demo the way I needed.I took stereo amp Demo for 1hr & still not finalise.I got Yam avr663 Demo enenafter saying I will not buy.
same with wharf sub.

Price- they gave me best price & lower than distributor(Delhi)I was given price as Rs.16k & Alliance offered me 15k even on exchange with paying octroi themself.With Tannoy centre again same.MRP 16k & I got for Rs.13.5k .They reduced price after I reminded that I paid little more while dealing with F1.(I got centre after around 4 months)

Aftersales -again they helped.I got mission m30i which I requested to exchanged with Tannoy F1 which they agree even they did not have distribution for Tannoy in Mumbai.(infact no dealor of Tannoy in Mumbai that time)

There can be others good too ,but I am sharing my experience.I have found them working(visiting) to Delhi,Gujarat for installations.

So for me alliance4, D.NNagar Andheri(w) ,Mumbai.
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i haven't yet bought anything significant (only one CA DV89) from a chennai dealer, but in audition experiences and all that Decibel and Raghu are a clear winner. But the strange thing is that I've only had good experiences with dealers. Grand Cinema was good. The Audio People were professional. Cressida was pretty nice (except for misleading statements here and there). But Raghu's easily the best.

In Bangalore, while I haven't tried out any other hi fi dealer, ARN systems is in a class of its own among the dealers I've interacted with. They are helpful on the phone, stock great products, are very friendly and helpful with auditions, offer home auditions and have good pricing. Can't really find a fault.
+1 to Raghu and Decibel in Chennai. But Raghu you know I liked your old setup the best, not the new one with all the swanky shelfs and acoustic treatments and all that:).

There is nobody around who can match him in either services offered or responsiveness or even product offerings. Grand Cinema I appreciate for their professionalism and warmth. But I cannot say the same about Audio People.

I always appreciate dealers who are willing to talk to novice people like me and help them understand a little bit more about what it is that they are spending thousands about.

In Delhi, though I have never visited him, my vote goes to Viren Bakshi of Lyrita Audio. In fact the fact that I have warm feelings for him even though I have never met him should speak volumes. Offering home auditions, guiding people through anxious moments and talking them out of needless upgrades and money spending - all these are hallmarks of wonderful, professional dealers. And Viren does fit the bill..and some.

Kudos to you two!
I guess this is getting quite repetitive,:) but well my vote goes for Raghu from Decibel as well.
No, he s not a hi fi dealer from my city, Cochin, but still I got my Mission speakers from him in Chennai. He is very nice to deal with and a man of his word. Eventhough I was getting a very much entry level pair of floorstanders, the level of service offered was excellent. Every query was promptly answered.
I have not had any bad experience with any dealers except a few in Pune. Auditioned many system in Mumbai every one was very helpful but the best according to me in terms of advice given and price is bass treble , Coimbatore. I purchased my Marantz PM15 , SA 15 and Dali speakers from them and very happy till now. Also had very good experience with JBL showroom in Mumbai and Sony :p Showroom where I Purchased my LCD TV.

Hope each and every one have Different Opinions & as i became a customer to PROFX HYD i became a authorized customer of that company and from that time onwards i started to purchase all the equipments form that store.
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My vote would go to Bass n Treble in Dwarka, Delhi. I found Denny very helpful and informative. He spent a lot of time with us giving us demo of various amp+speaker combos. Still to test their after-sales service - hoping nothing goes wrong with my amp and I never reach that point.
Speaking of Mumbai dealers, in the last one month my quest for a stereo setup took me to most of the reputed dealers including ProFX at Atria Mall, Next at SOBO Central at Haji Ali (stocks Jamos, Yamahas, Sonodyne, Denons, etc), Norge Audio at Mahim, Telome Audio in Bandra, Vijay Sales at Siddhivinayak and Infiniti Mall, Croma at Juhu, Sahakar Electronics at Amar Mahal in Chembur, Boom-a-rang at Juhu, The Shop at DN Nagar, Alliance4 at DN Nagar, Bose at Atria, and Viola at DN Nagar and JBL at Phoenix Mills.

The worst in terms of customer service was Next at Haji Ali. The irony is that the place per se is very well set up - they have separate listening rooms for Sonodyne, Denon, Yamaha, etc. Nobody else has that luxury. I really pity the principals who trust Next to sell their stuff. The rest of the shops were quite good and professional (except may be Croma and Vijay Sales where you need to catch the right salesman first). They give you a very patient hearing and suggest the best solution. They also allowed you to play your own CD and listen to many tracks, changing the setup as requested. All in all, a delightful experience.
Well Croma is better than V.sales.
Croma people atleast attend you,but with V.sales (Dadar,Thane),even you are there for sometime,nobody will attend unless you ask.:mad:
Anyone from Kolkata? I recently shifted to Kolkata. I am planning to buy a decent LCD. Any advice form anybody about where to buy?
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