BIC America Venturri VK-12 Sub-woofer blowing options?


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Sep 2, 2020
Jaipur, India
I bought a BIC VK-12 a about 10 years back from the US. However, I could never use it until recently. I set it up in January this year, and it sounded great while it lasted. One fine morning a couple of weeks back, it didn't turn on at all. I thought the fuse is bad, but it kept on blowing fuses when new ones installed. Anyway, I talked to BIC folks in the US and they said possibly the 'voltage regulator' is bad and it can easily be fixed by anyone working with amplifier repair. I will truly appreciate if I can get any references where I can get it fixed. I am currently in Jaipur but can travel to Delhi or nearby if need be.

The second option is to change the amplifier. Can anyone suggest an amplifier that might be a good fit for VK-12 and it available in India easily?

In the same situation, using a 110v BIC V10 for the last 10yr, recently gave it to a friend, worked fine for some time with him, it started blowing fuses now. Any thoughts?
Hi Everyone.
when I bought BIC PL200, I was happy to know that it offers 5 years warranty on Amplifier and 8 years on woofers.
recently my sub amp had issue as fuse keeps blowing even after replacing with new one.
When contacted the authorized service i.e. Pristine Note, I am shocked to here their claim
They are saying due to large warranty claims in INDIA, BIC has decided to honor warranty for only one year it seems.
so even though my sub is in warranty, it cant be replaced with new amp and I am supposed to buy new one from them.
Is this a joke ?
When I bought the sub, I was promised 5 years of warranty. can a company change the rules as it benefits ?
How should I proceed now ??
Does this mean, we should avoid BIC brand going forward in India as company itself is saying their amp's are not designed for voltage fluctuations in India ?
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