Greatest VFM is by LG -Just check latest prices and post here.
Now LG is cahnging models 3-4 times in a year so choose model that is on the verge of phasing out and you will get a good discount
Insted of Full Hd choose HD ready as in inst you may not doing critical viewing and you will save money
I will not advise you to buy cheaper displays like Onida,Videocon,Vu etc.
Lg may not be the best but provides very good after sales service and warentee support.
For institute?
Then consider VU too.
Rest as Hemant said.

VU why???????///
It is a crap!
What is their known service support at remote locations???
In corporate sales cost of ownership matters more that Picture Quality and Basic price?
And cost of ownership is linked with trouble free service
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