Blameless class A pre-amplifier

Hi Sir, what is the update on the pre ? how do you find it ?

Currently paired with DD power-amp, the Pre really is a very neutral bit of kit that puts almost nothing of itself into the overall performance and represents one of the least expensive examples of a usable transparent preamplifier that I have encountered.
The power amp is the more audibly characterful of the two designs, but is still far from what you might call colored. As a pairing, they have enough deviation from absolute neutrality to entertain, but without tipping over into becoming willfully inaccurate.
If you are looking for a well built, powerful pre and power amplifier package with enough watts on tap to work with a wide variety of speakers, this dynamic duo is well worth seeking out.

Hi all,
Recently got this Douglas Self preamp module from a friend... any one tried this pre, if so what are your impressions?
I read great things about his class A amps... not much on the pre though.
Just started the build:

View attachment 63177

Is there anywhere where a pdf is available for the parts list and pcb layout for iron transfer for people interested in making from scratch?
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