Bose 201 Series III


Aug 29, 2008
Hi all,

Can someone advise me what would be the best price for a Bose 201 Series III speakers. They were bought in 1992, good condition. How are the speakers? Is is a good buy?
these speakers are allrite for rear channel speakers and are good for open spacious sound do not expect any low bass punch, check if the speakers ( cone) are original and are not repaired i hope you know how to check them ,Dont go with the physical appearance ,Any ways how much are you getting the speakers for whats the tag on it :)
ask price is 6k. Does it sound good? About checking speakers, I really have no clue, but this guy is relaible . He has a pair of Kenwood( not sure about the model no though...:()
The 201 Series V brand new with warranty will cost you 11k why would anyone want to buy a 1992 model outdated model for 6k its too much for a speaker that level ,as i said it can just be used as monitors may be 3k would be fine if you are ok with that kind of sound ,Whats the kenwood model
Agree on the same, for a 92 model speaker spending 3k would be a good price, if the cones are original and the speakers are in good condition
it sounds ok ,there is a Bose 401 tower speaker for 7000 good condition it belongs to a fnd of mine
i am not getting hold of him ,he had mentioned some months back i will confirm if its still available 4 sale
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