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Bought Panasonic GT20

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New Member
Sep 19, 2011
Hello folks

I am a proud owner of Panasonic GT20 Plasma TV now. I have been reading posts in these forums for months to finalise my purchase and thank everyone for their valuable posts in this forum. I will share my inputs here.

I was looking for 40 inch TV. I will be using it for watching Sports channels (football mainly) and movies ( through USB) and regional channels. I started comparing LED/LCD TVs in the market and started visiting showrooms for Demos. I added Plasma also into the mix after going through various posts in this forum + whole think motion processing in led tvs was a concern.

I purchased GT20 from Panasonic Brand Shop, Koramangala for 55k. Went in there for ST30 , However ended up buying GT20 as it was turning out a better deal. + The salesmen pithing for as they want to clear out GT20 ASAP (2010 Model).

Here's my impressions on GT20 ( also inputs about other models i compared SONY 40EX520, SAMSUNG UA405900, LG 42LV5500) .

Picture Quality
Great... Colors look natural... for HD. I am using tata sky SD box and SD channel PQ is good. going to updrade to HD box soon.
- Vs ST30- ST30 has a black filter added ...+ 2011 Panel.. so better PQ when compared. But you wouldn't notice this when you have GT20 alone. My opinion
- Vs LEDs - LED Tvs shows pictures with more brightness and sharpness...thts it. Pictures wont look natural as in GT20.
-- When comparing LEDs alone i liked Sony PQ > LG > Samsung.

GT20 gives you decent sound output.
Vs ST30 - Better sound than ST30 . ST30 has a slimmer dimensions - small speakers.
Vs LEDs - Better than any LED TVs i have compared.
Among LEDs SONY again > LG & Samsung

USB Playback
-- GT20 has limited format support.. plays most of my Avis & divx though
Vs ST30 - ST30 MKV in addition to whatever supported in GT20
Vs LEDs... LEDs win ... samsung, lg plays almost all formats. sony is not in the same league

Internet Functions
GT20 originally had Viera Cast platform for internet functions.. Panasonic has released an update and your GT20 will be updated as soon as you connect to net to Viera Connect platform which is latest internet offering ... on par with 2011 panasonic models.

Watched Videos in youtube (non HD) ... Good quality. + you have your wireless keyboard given free by Panasonic to type in. I like this feature...

3D -
This was not in my requirements. however a welcome feature since it came within my budget. Got 2 glasses free with GT20.
2D-3D conversion is a gimmick.. not much to say about it. Though i would say i liked this feature in the LG TV demo.. it offered more depth.
3D - Haven't used it yet. Though demo in showroom with Avatar 3D was quite good.


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Mar 3, 2010
Many congratulations and I must say, an excellent summary - especially for people who are sitting on the fence.


Oct 17, 2010
Many congratulations and I must say, an excellent summary - especially for people who are sitting on the fence.
Congratulations from another one sitting on the fence. Last year I almost bought the 42V20. Hope this year I finally buy the 42ST30.

Enjoy the plasma!