Budget stereo within 25K - suggestions wanted.


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Jul 3, 2009
Hi Everyone ,

I am a newbie looking for an entry level budget stereo setup for my 200 sqft, not at all ideal, sitting room. My budget is 25K.
I mostly listen to Indian music - Tagore songs (typical bong) - both new as well as old recordings, Indian classical, Indian instrumental (Sarod, Setar etc), Blues, bit of soft rock at times and some AR Rehman compositions like Roja.

The options I have auditioned till date
  1. Sonodyne Sonus V2 2605 + SiA 102R amp Though this combo was way beyond my budget, I gave it a try to see if I can find nirvana and since the only official listening room in Kolkata did not have the smaller 1501s and 1601s (discontinued) I did not have an option (shame on you Sonodyne:mad:). The sound from this combo was pretty good for the highs and mids, however the lows were boomy even with neutral bass and treble. The boomyness did not go away even after reducing the bass (was it the room that caused it there were glass on two sides, but sound absorbents on the front and back).:sad:
  2. Sonodyne Genie 1 + Roarr 108 + AV300R This was basically a HT setup with 2 channels being played. I did like the highs and lows here but the mids were absent :indifferent14:.
  3. Wharfedale Dia 9.1 + CA 340A SE This combo was quoted slightly on the higher side in Kolkata (around 29 K) but was absolutely on the spot to my ears and for the kind of music I listen to. However I felt I could do with a little bit more bass, a tinny winy bit more, especially for those days when I am in the mood for some rocks and AR Rehman.:licklips:

Unfortunately there are no official dealer / demo room for Norge in Kolkata :sad:. I have read reviews and comments on this forum and elsewhere about Norge 2060 and 1000. They have been critically acclaimed to be very good amps for the budget user.

Now the questions
  1. Considering the Wharfedale 9.1 + CA 340A SE combo worked fine for me, is there a cheaper yet same/better sounding option? If yes then what?
  2. Will Wharfedale Dia 9.2 + CA 340A SE provide that little bit of missing lows? Or will the amp be too weak to run the 9.2s and end up producing muddy sound.
  3. How about Wharfedale Dia 9.2 with Norge 1000 that should be around my budget if I can get Dia 9.2s within 15 / 16 K. Will this work well?
  4. The cheapest option with Wharfedales would be Dia 9.1s with Norge 2060. What do you say about this option?
On paper option #3 and #4 above seems to be good for me. What does the experts say?
Thanks in advance
Based on your budget, go for option 2 (first choice) or 3. You'll experience some bass with 9.2s. Check out the thread by Srikar...
Hi sadnabbrina,

Norge 1000 and 9.2's have got some good reviews on the forum. I think sonosphere of our forum has vouched for it. You wouldnt be needing a sub when you go for the 9.2's. It may exceed your budget by may be 2k. Please try take an audition and decide.

audi_oh of our forum has got this combo recently. Give him a PM and try to have his impressions too.

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What about CDP cost?

Dont forget to check out Audio Engine A5 speaker with built-in amp for 20K.

try the norge amp+norge b/s combo or even the ca 340+ca b/s option.of course the norge amp+wharf 9.2 is also a good option,and as mentioned a few hv gone for them.when u talk about budget setups,the idea is to get the best synergy of components for ur money.if the separates way doesnt rock ur boat,the audioengines would be a great buy,eg ipod playing high qlty mp3/flac+audioengine a2/a5.listen and buy what ur innards tell u to go for.remember,all the forum members will do their very best to suggest possible combos,so at the end of the day YMMV.enjoy,cheers
I too will vote for the Audioengine A5 especially if you have a PC with content on it.

Even otherwise the Audioengine A5 at 19K are great speakers.
My pick - Wharfedale 9.1 + CA340A/PM4001 combo.

Another alternative is to get an all.in.one like CR-515/DM37 and get a pair of 9.1s. This should fit in your budget also.

Happy auditions.

i would suggest you to go for a good amp for about rs 17-18K and build your own open baffles for around 7000/-

later you can upgrade speakers(which is less likely once you listen to open baffle)

rather than getting 2 budget components, get one component of higher quality and the second a bit lower which you can upgrade later
@ All those who responded to this thread -
Thanks guys. I got some informative views.

1) I will be using CDP Denon 1740
2) Don't want to invest major chunk on the amp, rather would spend more on the speakers.
3) Can't audition Norge in Kolkata. So it would be blind buy based on reviews.
4) Will try out the other options proposed (if available here) and then provide an update on the thread.

Right now can't go for auditions as work is keeping me very busy. Meanwhile shall get in touch with Audi_oh to get some more idea on the 9.2 Norge combo.
Thanks again
My pick - Wharfedale 9.1 + CA340A/PM4001 combo.

Another alternative is to get an all.in.one like CR-515/DM37 and get a pair of 9.1s. This should fit in your budget also.

Happy auditions.

Wharfedale 9.1 + marantz is a good combo.
You will be disappionted if you pair the 9.1 with
Nad or CA amps.

The slightly bright nature of Marantz complements the laidback
nature of the 9.1.

The golden rule is to pair the 9.1s with any bright amp. (e.g, marantz, yamaha,etc)
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