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Oct 16, 2009
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Hi friends,
There good devices in market for avoiding to use PC to download from net or to stream data. Same time they can act as ftp server and wifi router as well.

can we design similar low-cost system as specification given below?

System 1. Design low cost system which can act as wifi-router ( NAS purpose), which can have light-weight linux running in to host application like djdownloader, torrent apps, download applications , store in HDD through USB 2.0, SATA or eSATA port. Should support 802.11n (draft) and backwards.

System 2: have all functionality of system 1 + have HDMI port for raw data streaming such that AVR can decode. ( do I need graphics and audio card here? )
It should pass-through true HD data. Should have port to connect BD drive. Let AVR decode everything. ( does it require codecs from dolby and dts in that case?)

Leoxys Leo-150N-BT can provide system 1 and much more.

lets discuss.
Have a look at the following from D-Link::)
for your system 1 : check out:
NAS( network attached storage) from d-link DNS 323... Stores 2 sata 3.5" HDD and is availalbe on your network. Based on Linux system...Can stream data, can be an FTP server etcetc. You can link it to a D-Link wireless Router and connect wirelessly as well as wired to rest of your network and internet.
A wireless media Player on your network like the D-Link DSM 320 or DSM 520 can connect to your analog/digital amplifier or Home theatre and your have music/photos/internet/video being streamed from your computer.:yahoo:

The DSM320 or DSM520 can send data to your Receiver to decode. No graphics or audio cards required.

Another way to attach would be to built an htpc on your network which is connected to the interner via a router and to a NAS as well which can store huge amount of files/movies/videos/music etc.:rolleyes:
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