CA 540A V2 in Chennai

The price listed by the India dealer (Fx) of CA is 18,600. So yes, you have got a good deal on a very good amp.

What CD Player, speakers, connectors, and speakers cables are you using?

What kind of music do you listen to?

Hi Kalyanaraman,

Could you please tell me the address and phone number of Home Talkies.

Venkat - where did you find that listing of price? I think the list price might be somewhat higher than that.
Hi Venkat, Thank u.

I am currently using my HTPC (Assembled) and IPOD as my source, also planning to have a dedicated cd player (preferably CA CD Player)(Suggest me a good one)

Speakers : Mordaunt short 906i (got it for 23 k)

Connectors : MX Cables (Gold Plated OFC)

Cables : Accell Ultra 16 Gauge with Banana Plugs

Music Taste : Old and New Tamil Songs, Carnatic Vocal & Instrumental, Old Hindi Songs, English Instrumental

(I am just ripping all my cd's to flac file format)

Hi Rajiv,

You can Mr.Balajee Sundar (Home Talkies) - 9941879393

He is just setting up his demo room near vadapalani junction. you can refer my name. Kalyan (Celebrity Fashions) He can get you other products like nagamichi & marantz also.

Tks, Kalyan.

Your system sounds good. In terms of connectors, I assume you are referring to cables from MX Electronics. It might be worthwhile changing this to an established brand such as Monster, QED, etc. You can also try DAC Cables from Mumbai.

Check out their web site Designer Audio - Products

FLAC is good, though an IPOD will not recognise and play that format. If you are good at computers look at the free Exact Audio Copy for ripping your CDs. It is a little difficult to install and run, but once you cross that initial step, it creates exceedingly good copies from an audio CD.

Down the line, you should look at something like a Squeezebox to interface your PC to an independent audio system.

In terms of a CD Player, the easiest choice and one suited for your amp will be the 540C CD Player from CA.

Enjoy and have fun with your system.
Thank u venkat.

I use EAC and DBPowerAMP for my ripping and winamp for playing flac files.

Kindly let me know the cost of squeeze box in chennai.

Regds, Kalyan.
Well, Rediff is quoting Rs.19050. But if you bargain with a Logitech dealer, you should be able to get it around 18K.

I may be interested in sauntering across and listening to your system sometime.

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