CA 640A v2 Price


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Nov 12, 2007

Whats the price of CA 640A v2. I have been offered a demo peice around a year old at 20k.

I will start with 2 floorstanders and slowly upgrade to a HT. I liked the CA as the sound quality was good, i am also looking for option of an AVR which sounds good in stereo, i have read a lot about marantz in this forum. Any idea which AVR of marantz will be available in price range of below 20k.

I am planning to buy diamonds 8.4 or Mordaunt short carnival 6 speakers.


A new 640A V2 is around 23k so that is a good price you have been quoted. Only the Marantz SR-301 is below 20k, the next best one - SR-3001 with HDCD - is around 25k.

You should consider Mordaunt Short's Avant rather than Carnival. The latter is too low-end for good quality sound. The 914i would be a good choice. However the Diamond 8.4 is an excellent speaker and you can't go wrong with it.
I tend to differ with what Particleman had mentioned. For a demo piece one should get "at least" 30% off.
If the price of a new 640Av2 is 23k then the quoted price is not a good deal :(!
Sorry, my mistake. I guess I was not aware of the prevailing discount rate for demo goods. The 640A V2 is an excellent piece of equipment and would be a great buy at whatever price you can get the dealer to come down to.
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