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CA SR10 - which wireless DAC? [loudness issue]

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Feb 6, 2013
I recently bought a Cambridge Audio SR10, and is paired to GoldenEar AON3s.

I have a problem: Though the sound is fantastically detailed with luscious mid-range and bass when connected to CD player (an old Sony DVD, actually), the same is not true when played via wireless DAC (Crystal Acoustics WiDAC). My primary source of music is Apple Music and I'm not too happy with the sound loudness levels from the DAC connect. I find that in order to listen to a good audio level, I need to jack up the volume to -38dB (with CD player, I can't go beyond -45dB). Why's this difference in loudness? I connected Amazon Echo Dot to stream music, and find that the volume levels are even lower (pathetic, actually!)

Has it got something to do with the DACs' output gains? What should I do to solve this issue? Going for another DAC could be an option, but I'm really not sure if that'd also have this loudness issue.

Please let me know what you think. Suggestions appreciated!