Cambridge Audio + MS Avant 906i


Dec 19, 2007

After months and months of auditioning various combos for a great 2 channel amp and FS speakers, i think i have hit the jackpot (around budget of 50k). I auditioned twice Mordaunt Short Avant 906i with CA Azur 340 A, first impression from this combo was breathtaking. I read from AV max that 906i takes low frequencies with utmost ease, so for auditioning i had a couple of low-frequency tracks, my goodness, when i played "Massive Attack's - Angel" i was floored, 906i took it with ease, i had put the same track on MA BR5, there was total distortion, but again BR5 is also my favorite FS. In general, Avant 906i played every song with utmost ease and cleanliness. Now, my question is which amp from the following will drive better 906i.

1. Azur 340A SE + 340C + MS 906i
2. Azur 540A V2 + 540C V2 + MS 906i

Thanx for your valuable comments. :)
I own a 540A V2 and a 906i combo. I am happy with it but wish I had gone for the 640A V2 + 906i combo and so that is my recommendation to you.

It has better electronics and drive than either the 340 or 540. Which is not to say the 540 struggles or fares badly -- far from it -- it sounds really great and I am quite happy with it. It's a good match for the speakers and has been known to drive far better speakers (like the Monitor Audio RS6) with ease. But it's nice to have some extra horsepower just in case. So look at the 540 and 640.

I would suggest ruling out the 340 SE completely - it produces only 45 watts, limiting your choice of speakers, and lacks the pre-outs that the 5/640 have, thus ruling out the possibility of adding a sub-woofer. I'm pretty sure it lacks the Incognito multi-room features as well. The 340 does its job well but is best suited as a second system for your bedroom or office.

The source is a very important part of the system, the weak link so to speak, so I would suggest aiming higher. The 640C V2 is a contender. I haven't heard the Marantz CD-6002 but I would guess it would do nicely too.

If you like you can get a low-end player like the DVD-89 universal player as a stop-gap measure for now and a good CD-P later. That's what I've done.
particle. how is your 906i and 540A combo going so far, i have a fear that it might sound different in my room from what i heard in showroom. my hall has two entrance to kitchen and one bedroom, both have curtains covering, but no doors, so will that affect the overall sound of 906i, coz the demo room was fully closed. pls give your personal experience.

which combo is good?

1. 540C V2 + 540A V2 + 906i
2. 640C V2 + 540A V2 + 906i

640A V2 is out of my budget.

Thanx. :)
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