Can Cambridge drive MA RS6 ?


Dec 19, 2007
Hi all. Two weeks back, got my CA 640A V2 amp and 640C V2 cdp, and in process of selecting floor speakers, had a demo of RS6 and Jamo C605 last week, both with my amp and cdp, i dont know whether RS6 was superior or C607 floors, but am inclined very much towards RS6. So, my quesion to you all is whether to get MA or Jamo. If RS6 is the speaker, then will my 640A V2 be able to drive with power and authority. I listened also to
PM7001 while auditioning RS6, i loved the power and sound of Marantz, now am to the point of selling my new 640A V2 amp, coz i felt its so much different than PM7001, and PM7001 was superior. am totally confused. pls help. thanx.
Yes, you should pick up the RS6. They are very good speakers.

My sympathies for your hasty decision and impulse buy on the amp. But dont worry brother, all of us have done this at some point in our lives.

Anyways, CA640 is not at all a bad amp in my opinion. Can it drive RS6? - Yes it can.
Can it drive RS6 comfortably? - may be.

If I were you, I would have chosen the PM7001 KI or even with our KI for that matter.

See if you can swap it for your new found choice from the dealer as it is relatively new and hardly used.

All the best.
Yeah, RS6 is superior speakers, great midrange, lovely bass. thanx for reply. i will try with the dealer what you suggested me.
i guess PM7001 with 640C V2 will drive RS6 loud and clear ?? but i also found whild auditioning that 640 combo with RS6 was very very detailed, credit must be given to award winning 640C V2 i think so, having said that, the sound from CA plus RS6 was open and it was like all instruments in music are in different layer, am not sure whether my judgment is fine here.

Marantz PM 7001 is a very good amp , so do the CA 640 V2.
But the advantage goes to Marantz due to its warm and detailed sound , but its all personal taste . you cant go wrong with CA either. If i were you , i would have choosen Marantz for various reasons.

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