Car sub for home


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Oct 2, 2007
Hi-- have anybody ever used a car sub for home? (pioneer 350D to be more specific). As it is a dual voicecoil design is it possiable to drive it with a stereo amp? (Kenwood ka-2200 to be more specific. 150w per channel).
What I plan to do is split the LFE signal from a Yamaha RXV-450 by a Y-cable (1rca to 2rca) and amplify it with the kenwood ka-2200 and feed the woofer with the left and right channel output. I know this is not the way to drive a sub, but what are the chances:confused:
Very much possible. I am using two Infinity Reference 12 inch car subwoofers for my home theatre. I am building two 200W amplifiers to power them. I too am going to split the LFE with a Y cable and feed the signal to two channels. But you need to get the Thiele/ Small parameters of the drivers and calculate the box dimensions needed.

Now, you could wire the two coils in series and if each coil is 4 ohm, you will have one single 8 ohm coil. Power it using one single channel of your amp.
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Thanks for the suggestions.
Here are some specs about the project:
Box volume (internal): 1.65 cu.ft (as suggested by pioneer)
Port: 3" dia, 6" long on the rear
W/H/D: 14"x17"x12" Material: 3/4"thick + 1/4" teak ply MDF
The internal volume with this measurement is near to 1.65cu.ft
The first step would be to build a box. If you are up to it, you could download a program like Speaker Workshop or WinISD and simulate the driver response in the box. Also, I would suggest you build the box a little bigger than required just in case you need more volume. You can always reduce the internal volume in case you have to by placing bricks or something like that. I plan to use 50L volume but I built 62L boxes.
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