Changing HDMI cables + volume level


Nov 13, 2014
Today I changed the HDMI ARC cable from a 8 year old one to a new one Amazon basics. This connects my Sony Blu Ray player cum receiver to my 4K tv.

I’m not sure if this is my OCD speaking or not - generally I never have such issues - but today
I was playing a movie from my HDD connected to TV prior to changing the old cable , and the sound level seems to have gone down when I continued playing the movie post replacing the
cable with the new one.

Here’s the weirdest part - when I plugged the old cable back in - the sound level didn’t go back to the earlier higher one.

Earlier when I needed volume level 25 to fill the room sound now needs 31-32 to reach the same level.

I have no clue why this happened.Looking forward to experienced members insight. I was very happy with my earlier sound output.

Edit : When playing Blu Ray discs directly from player sound level is fine. The issue is only when streaming or playing from TV-USB connected HDDs.
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It’s sorted out now. The Digital Audio Out Level setting in the TV had got changed from High to Low after changing the HDMI cable somehow.
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