Circuit City Closed...


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Oct 28, 2008
I felt very sad to hear the news today that Circuit City had closed after 60 years or so. Anybody from here shopped there? It was a mecca for electronic goods and HD stuff that I remember so fondly.

Circuit City
Yes moserw, that's so sad. The other place I still miss is the Towers Record store in the Hillsdale Mall at El Camino.

I usually shopped at the Circuit City after the Good Guys closed down a few years back. I bought my Panasonic BD30 from CC in June 2008.

I have been following their status since the last few months. In fact I sent a friend to check-out the shutdown sale, as their website is gone now. He commented that the prices were no better than Amazon. I hear that people are expecting better deals on stuff that still remains unsold in March 2009, when they need to shutdown.

Even I had the same idea i.e. to pick up some stuff dirt cheap. In fact TVs were going for 599 USD when I checked a while back and at that time the exchange rate worked out to 24K in INR and not the 30K or so it is now. Only problem was transporting so I could not get it. However, a couple of friends still based in the U.S. did pick them up at those prices from CC.
Fond memories of circuit city.. I used to hang out there strolling around seeing so many things and generally making a purchase or two.

BB and CC were among the hotbeds for thanksgiving deals :)
This was a badly managed chain and did not wake up even when Best Buy started making inroads 5-7 yrs ago. Same with Comp USA. In the end there will be a monopoly until the online channels give a run for the money by considerably reducing prices.

However sometimes there is no better feeling than touching/feeling what you intend to buy and from that sense we need brick and mortar stores and more of them albeit not the same chain.

Their Canadian operations are still on and in fact there is more competition with 3 major chains though 2 are owned by BB. There are also a lot of local traders that give these a run for the money.